Wedding Poems

Wedding Poems

Poems for Weddings

A wedding is a most auspicious occasion. That two people have found each other and are willing to commit to spend their lives together is nothing short of a miracle. This event is a time of unparalleled joy. There are many different styles of weddings based on the traditions of the families involved. Of all occasions, weddings and funerals are probably the occasions where traditions are most observed. These are time when we mark our relationship to life. At a wedding we celebrate the beginning of the forming of a new family.

31 Poems for the Bride, Groom and Wedding Party

  1. 1. Recipe For Happily Ever After

    I love writing poetry for my family and friends. I love being able to share with people what's on my heart and have them say how touched they were by my words. This is a poem I wrote for a dear friend of mine on her wedding day.

    Poem For A Friend On Her Wedding Day

    Today will be perfect
    In every single way.
    A beautiful fairy tale
    For your wedding day.
    The theme of your day
    Is to have love and laughter
    And to live your days
    Happily ever after.

    Living happily is
    What we need to survive,
    So how does one keep
    The magic alive?
    How do you light a spark
    That never goes out?
    And how does one live a life
    Without fear or doubt?

    How do some people manage
    To keep their love strong?
    And how do some couples
    Always feel like they belong?
    What do you need to do
    To stay in love forever
    And make each day special
    And grow fonder together?

    Well, these very questions
    You must address every day.
    You must take the time
    To go out of your way,
    To always share love
    And always share laughter,
    To do whatever it takes
    To live happily ever after.

    Here is a recipe
    I think is a must,
    So let's begin with
    Always having trust.
    Don't forget it's important
    To have total respect,
    And to always stay loyal
    To keep your love perfect.

    You must communicate
    Each and every day.
    Three special little words
    You must never forget to say,
    "I love you." It's amazing
    How these words make you feel
    Happy, safe, and valued,
    And they will keep your love real.

    A simple act of kindness
    Goes a long, long way.
    Blend it with understanding
    And you can't go astray.
    Don't forget friendship.
    It will help you to cope.
    Add a sprinkle of faith
    And an abundance of hope.

    Remember your smile.
    It is beautiful to see.
    It can brighten one's day.
    It can make you feel free.
    So my wish for you both
    Is you always have love and laughter,
    And I pray that you will enjoy
    Your happily ever after.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Dear IIona M. Blake:
    Thank you for such a treasure. My husband and I appreciate your words of wisdom. Many blessings in return to you.

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  3. 2. I Promise

    A wedding vow poem of promises with both traditional and other loving promises.

    Wedding Vow Poem

    I promise to be true to you tomorrow and today.
    I promise I will love you. My love will never fade.
    I promise to be there for you in good times and in bad.
    I promise I will wear your ring and always hold your hand.

    I promise I will care for you in sickness and in health.
    I promise to be there for you if we are poor or have wealth.
    I promise to be strong for you, for better or for worse.
    I promise I will comfort you when you need me the most.

    I promise I will stand by you each and every day.
    I promise I will cherish you in very gentle ways.
    I promise to be patient, truthful, and kind.
    I promise I will walk with you until the end of time.

    I promise to be faithful and a loving devoted spouse.
    I promise that our home will be more than just a house.
    I promise that our wedding life will be united in God's love.
    I promise that our children will be blessings from above.

    I promise I will walk with you in laughter and in tears.
    I promise I will stay with you when there are doubts and fears.
    I promise to commit to you in body and in heart.
    I promise my whole life to you; until death do us part.

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  5. 3. My Little Girl, Don't Cry For Me

    From a deceased father to his daughter on her wedding day. I wrote this in memory of my friend's father on her wedding day.

    Poem From Deceased Father To Daughter On Her Wedding Day

    My little girl, don't cry for me.
    I'll be right by your side.
    I'd never miss out on this day
    that you become a bride.

    I'm here with you to hold your hand
    and give your heart away
    to a man God chose to take care of you
    forever from this day.

    Today, I place your hand in his
    with blessings and with pride.
    My little girl, don't cry for me
    I'll be right by your side.

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    Love your poems. Having a hard time finding something from stepdad to stepdaughter from heaven for her wedding day.

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  6. 4. Wedding Verse

    I am 65 years old and only started writing poems about 4 years ago. I like to write in rhyming verse, and once inspired by something I get a flow of meaningful words. My daughter and her partner have lived together for 8 years and have planned their wedding for the last 3 years. I wanted to write something special for them to keep, and I read this poem out in church after they had taken their vows.

    Rhyming Wedding Poem

    The time has come to stand side by side
    The Groom in his glory, his beautiful Bride.
    They've waited so long for this moment in time
    To take their vows and say, "Will you be mine?"

    Marriage is precious and to be treasured.
    The love that you have can never be measured.
    It joins you as one, not just with a ring,
    But a future together and what it will bring.

    Keep the love alive and make it last.
    Remember the good times, don't live in the past.
    The bond that you have shows the world that you care,
    Not just for yourselves, but for the family you share.

    Who knows what the future may hold?
    Stay strong together until you grow old.
    Be there for each other, keep good memories alive.
    With love and respect you will always survive.

    Today is your day to cherish forever,
    Never forget what brought you together.
    This special time is just for you,
    A time to remember when you've said "I do."

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    This is the thirty first year of our marriage. I am sure we will remain together until death parts us. My daughter got married last year. She, too, enjoys a strong bond with her husband,...

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  7. 5. I Promise

    I’ll love you
    like you’ve never been
    loved before
    With all my core
    As time goes on
    I’ll love you more and more
    No matter what life has in store

    I’ll be patient, I’ll be kind,
    I’ll be here to ease your mind
    I’ll be honest, I’ll be loyal
    I’ll do everything to ensure
    this love doesn’t spoil

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  8. 6. Welcome To Our Family

    • By Cappy Giachelli
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    I wrote this poem for my daughter-in-law on the day she married my son. She has become a very special part of my life.

    Poem For My New Daughter-In-Law

    I wanted to tell you on this day
    how much you mean to me
    and welcome you with open arms
    into our family.

    It was so easy for me to see
    right from the very start
    the special way you loved my son,
    the kindness in your heart.

    Thank you for the happiness
    you have brought into his life.
    I know that he is very proud
    to have you as his wife.

    And on the day that you shall wed,
    how happy I will be,
    for my son will gain a loving wife,
    and a daughter will be given to me.

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    Latest Shared Story

    To the one I love...I wanted to tell you how much you changed my life. When I first saw you I thought that you are the chosen one to be my husband.

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  9. 7. Today's My Daughter's Wedding Day

    • By Andrew
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    This poem was written from the heart while commuting to NY by train. It took a few days, and each day some fellow commuters would look at me with a concerned face because the tears would come each time I wrote a new line. I don't know what they were thinking, but they must have thought I was very unhappy. Little did they know I was happy and anxious at the same time... Eventually, I really did get a beautiful little granddaughter!

    Today's my daughter's wedding day.
    And a wonderful thing it is
    To see her so excited,
    So happy to be his.

    But once she was my baby girl,
    My first born, love of my life.
    But now she is a woman
    And just became his wife.

    Once she was my baby girl,
    Loved her daddy and her toys;
    But then, I couldn't stop it,
    She grew up and loved the boys.

    Today's my daughter's wedding day.
    How fast the time did go;
    From little feet and Sesame Street,
    To a wedding gown, it flowed.

    From golden locks and lollipops,
    She grew up straight and tall.
    From baby things to a wedding ring;
    How I loved her through it all.

    And now she will go forward,
    To enter married life.
    To share the good and bad times,
    The happiness, and the strife.

    I wish them both the best of luck;
    With a prayer that my eyes will see
    That God will Bless them with a baby girl,
    Just like he gave to me...

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    Latest Shared Story

    Amanda, your peom inspired me so much. On Saturday the 27th of August my beautiful daughter Genna married Shane. Like most mothers I wanted to do a reading and after seeing your poem I knew...

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  10. 8. The Music Of Love

    • By Inviron
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    This is a poem comparing the rapture felt in melodic duets with the emotional highlights of a couple in love.

    Poem About The Harmony Of Two People In Love

    Our song of love is pure and fair
    All hurt the music can repair
    As heaven comes to us on earth
    And makes us one in our rebirth
    And now we're open to the tune
    The world may fall but we're immune
    It binds us two in sweet refrain
    And twirls us 'round and 'round again
    Each heart in harmony now beats
    And lifts us both up from our seats
    To dance and swirl in unison
    In perfect pitch, us two made one
    Each giving up the solo roles
    And harmonizing with our souls
    An orchestra of pure delight
    Our song lights each and every night
    This tune a symbol like a dove
    A perfect melody of love

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  11. 9. She's Not A Baby Anymore!

    • By Will Means
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018

    We always hear how quickly children grow up. This is a poem about a father-daughter bond, and that no matter how old the daughter gets, she'll always be her daddy's baby girl.

    Baby Daughter Growing Up And Getting Married

    She's not a baby anymore.
    It's a happy kind of sad
    When baby girl turns to daughter
    And Da-Da turns to Dad.

    She's not a baby anymore
    When her highchair becomes a stool,
    The car seat, crib, and stroller
    Find her heading off to school.

    She's not a baby anymore
    As her baby talk fades away,
    And she reads, and writes, and reasons,
    While she plans her wedding day.

    She's not a baby anymore,
    But there's something she doesn't know.
    She'll always be my baby
    'Cause her Daddy loves her so!

    She's not a baby anymore
    As I walk her down the aisle.
    It seems like only yesterday
    When I got that new-dad smile.

    She's not a baby anymore
    As I soon give her away,
    But she'll always be my baby,
    'Cause in my heart she'll stay!

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  12. 10. Our Dreams

    I wrote the poem, "Our Dreams," as a Valentine gift for my wife. Since that time, over a hundred brides have requested permission to include the poem in their wedding ceremonies. My wife has given me permission to say yes to every bride.

    Let's ride into the sunset on a rainbow.
    We won't come back until tomorrow
    In the grandeur of the misty sunrise,
    With stars that fill the skies in our eyes.

    We'll paint the sunset with colors of dreams,
    Dreams we create with desirous schemes.
    I'll use shooting stars to write I love you
    On stellar blackboard, this night anew.

    We'll fly past galaxies on gossamer wings.
    I'll tell our favorite stars of special things
    You've done since you touched my heart.
    From you I can never live apart.

    You're the face in the misty light of the moon,
    The laugh that floats on cosmic breeze in June.
    You're the magic spark of nature's fiery cone,
    The ember of joy I call my own.

    Venus and Cupid sigh when I tell you
    I feel so very lucky to be loving you.
    The one I run to when each day is through,
    I simply can't take my eyes off of you.

    The morning light may steal this moment bright
    And take away the stars of the night.
    We'll have the memories by love's brush drawn
    That color our dreams and light the dawn.

    Look into my eyes and see the sparkling stars,
    Those thousand dreams that become ours.
    Listen to cascading stars chime in whispers,
    I'm yours until the end of time and vespers.

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  13. 11. From This Day Forward

    A wedding vow of unity between spouses and God.

    Wedding Vow Of Unity

    From this day forward and forevermore,
    we're a heavenly union of two souls.
    From this day forward, when two become one,
    two hearts, one flesh, in the eyes of our God.

    From this day forward, we walk together.
    Our lives are joined, now and forever.
    From this day forward, we hold each other.
    We become one in our God forever.

    From this day forward, we vow together
    to be patient and kind and trust one another.
    From this day forward, we vow together
    to endure and always love forever.

    From this day forward, we wear rings of gold,
    for better or worse, in youth and in old.
    From this day forward, until the end of time,
    we are one body, one life, one mind.

    From this day forward, our lives will be blessed
    with children from God and a home to rest.
    From this day forward, with love in our hearts,
    we will be one until death do us part.

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  14. 12. Bridesmaid In Heaven

    My daughter was killed in a horrific car accident last year at the age of 18. Her brother just got married this year, so I printed this poem and placed in on a little table with her picture. It made us feel like she was included in the wedding. I really feel like she inspired me to write the words of this poem. I would love for others to use it if they lost someone special before a wedding day.

    Honoring A Late Loved One At Your Wedding

    I am your bridesmaid in heaven, watching you from above.
    On your wedding day, I am sending you all my love.

    Sorry my time was cut short and I can't be with you today!
    If you could hear me, "I hope you can feel my presence," is what I would say.

    I am around you in the little things: the bird singing a special song;
    I am the butterfly that lingers, staying extra long;

    I am the clouds shaped like an angel, floating softly in the sky;
    I am the white feather you found so randomly that made you start to cry;

    I am the rainbow that appears so suddenly right after the storm.
    Today is your day to be happy; for me you must not mourn!

    I am your bridesmaid in heaven, the one you cannot see,
    But at every special moment in your life is where I will be!

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  15. 13. My Dear Daughter...

    • By Puja Bhakoo
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2017

    Giving away a daughter's hand in marriage is one of the most emotional moments in a mother's life. Her heart is filled with joy for her daughter, but her smile also hides the tender tears that well up at the thought of parting with her little angel.

    A Mother's Emotions At Daughter's Wedding

    In just a few days,
    You'll start a new life
    As a brand new bride
    ...As someone's wife

    Tomorrow, my dear
    As you walk down the aisle
    With cheer in your heart,
    And that million dollar smile

    My own smile will hide
    A few tender tears
    Wrapped in memories of
    Your wonder years

    A gush of nostalgia
    An emotional swirl
    Engulfs me as I reminisce
    About my little girl

    It's hard not to go down
    The memory lane
    ... Sprinkled with acres
    Of sunshine and rain

    You were a bundle of joy
    With curly locks,
    Who enthralled the family
    With her baby talks

    You unified my fragments
    Into a whole
    We became two bodies
    Wrapped in a soul

    Our bond, our connect
    Was hard to define
    My thoughts were yours
    Your emotions were mine

    In your happiness I laughed
    In my pain, you cried
    For each other
    - The entire world we defied

    Sometimes you were vulnerable
    Sometimes in doubt
    But we drew strength from each other
    And always worked things out

    Standing here today
    I look back and think
    How those years with you
    Melted away in a blink

    From a cuddly kid, you've morphed
    To a lissome bride
    A handsome prince charming
    By your side

    On this happy path
    May you both walk together
    Nourished by the sunshine
    Of your love for each other

    Walking you down the aisle
    I will struggle not to cry
    For this is a new beginning
    Not a goodbye

    The best phase of life
    Has only just begun
    I'm not losing a daughter
    I'm gaining a son

    Remember my baby
    As you become his wife
    You are, and will always be,
    The nucleus of my life

    Just remember, time or distance
    Can never do us apart
    You'll find me there
    In every beat of your heart

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  16. 14. Decades

    • By James A. Shaw
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 1, 2022

    I wrote this poem for my wife on our wedding day. I have known her since she was 19, and now we are in our 50s and finally married. My poem is about how beautiful she was young, and though time has passed, how beautiful she is today. I feel so lucky to know both the young and older versions of the same woman and feel fortunate to know that I will be with her forever.

    I've Loved You For Decades

    The girl you once were has matured and gone on her way.
    The time that's passed has revealed the woman you are today.

    The youthful look and gentle smile have never left your face.
    The kindness in your soul will never be replaced.

    I knew the girl who lit this fire, the memories oh so clear.
    And now that woman who holds my heart is standing oh so near.

    Fortunate I am to have known you both and to have a love so true.
    Our lives engaged, you fill my thoughts, it always was just you.

    I loved you then and love you now and know I always will.
    My love, so nice to see you've made the time stand still.

    I know it's you who will hold my hand when darkness turns to gray.
    I vow to be here, by your side, when sunlight fades away.

    Decades have passed, time has gone, and here we stand together.
    The same sweet girl, this lovestruck boy who's counting on forever.

    I've waited so long for this moment in time.
    So let's take our vows and finally say, forever you'll be mine.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This is a beautiful poem! I wish you both all the very best! I love someone, and I feel she is the most beautiful girl in this universe! So I can feel the words you've written about loved...

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  17. 15. To The Groom From His Mother

    • By Natalie Pfeffer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2017

    I brought my son up on my own, and when he married in 2013, I wanted to write something that would remind him of our life together, which was sometimes hard but full of funny and loving times. The wedding was set in a castle and was quite formal. As it was, I did not get the chance to read my poem at the wedding or share with everyone there my memories of him. I hope these few words will mean something to another mother and can be enjoyed by other families at their happy occasion.

    Mother's Memories Of Her Son On His Wedding Day

    Dear (son's name),

    I've never found it quite so hard deciding what to write.
    In fact, for weeks, it's true to say, I've been up half the night.
    And that was how it used to be when you had just been born.
    Afraid that if I closed my eyes you'd disappear by dawn,
    But then, of course, you didn't go; you grew into a boy,
    And I spent time berating you for saying things like, "Oi."
    Your life was full of Star Wars troops and dinosaurs and planes.
    Your clothes were out of kilter with your awkward height/weight gains.
    The only foods you seemed to eat were baked beans and fish fingers.
    Why is it just the silly side of memory which lingers?
    I want to give you good advice, to be sincere and true
    Now that you've found the best of girls to love and marry you,
    But all that comes into my head and all I seem to see
    Is who you were, not who you are or who you've yet to be.
    Perhaps my words can still assist despite a subtle jest.
    Remember, when it's getting cold - your pants outside your vest,
    Always look to cross the road; don't run when you can walk.
    A temper tantrum never works, far better just to talk.
    Make sure to do your share of chores and eat up all your greens.
    The rigid man breaks in the gale, the clever man just leans.
    The last thing that I want to say is, please, just love each other.
    It conquers all and I know best.

    Yours sincerely,

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  18. 16. Our Wedding Day

    I wrote this poem for my niece on her wedding day in October 2016.

    Wedding Acrostic Poem

    O-ur wedding day is another bridge love built for us to cross over together.
    U-nder all circumstances, each day we will dedicate our love to one another.
    R-emembering love is the engine to our future to be filled with our memories.

    W-ind and rain will come our way, no doubt; I trust in God will carry us through.
    E-ach and every day our duty is to enrich our happiness, pleasure, and rapture.
    D-edication will support our commitment as we seal our love from this day on.
    D-estiny is the running engine to our love to keep our heart pure and profound.
    I-nitially we place our trust, our dreams will grow into our future with fertile ground.
    N-otions of understanding shall give us perception in the image to face the world.
    G-rowing old together, we will see wrinkles of wisdom as they grow into memories.

    D-etermination will keep our love intertwined with our heart forever and a day.
    A-nswers to our prayers with all the faith our heart can hold we shall always share.
    Y-esterday, today, and our tomorrow is all we have in our favor to hold us together.

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    Lovely sentiments of mature love have been expressed in this work. You may like to read two poems already published by me on this website titled, "Happy Marriage Anniversary" and "Enjoy...

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  19. 17. On Our Wedding Day

    • By Mand
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    I wrote this as the reading for our wedding day. I'd not written before but wanted something personal to us. It's not been shared or published since being so beautifully read by a dear friend on our special day. We're still very happily married 24 years later.

    Hopes For Marriage

    Be with me whenever you can.
    Love me for what I am.

    Convince me when I am in doubt.
    Give me hope when I seem without.

    Respect me, show me you care.
    Stand by me, always be there.

    Forgive me if I should do wrong.
    Caress me when nights seem so long.

    Assure me, allay my fears.
    Be faithful throughout the years.

    Trust me as I will trust you.
    Encourage my dreams my life through.

    Be with me whenever you can.
    Love me for what I am.

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  20. 18. Wishes On Second Marriage

    • By Shishir
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

    I wrote this poem for my brother-in-law at the time of his arranged marriage after his first live-in-relationship miserably failed.

    Poem About Second Chances

    Life has given you this new chance.
    Your positive thoughts now must enhance.
    It's time to be more responsible.
    Progress only then will be possible.
    It's the result of your past good deeds.
    Remove from your life all useless weeds.
    A good life partner will give you courage.
    Success will be at your door throughout the ages.
    She will enlarge your beautiful family,
    And the boat of your life will sail very easily.
    My good wishes will always be with you,
    And happiness will come in a break-less queue.

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  21. 19. Let There Be Love

    I love writing poetry. I write poems all the time. This is a poem that I wrote to read in the church for my cousin's wedding.

    Love As The Driving Force In A Marriage

    The two of you have gathered
    At this beautiful church today.
    You've invited all of your family and friends
    To celebrate your wedding day.

    You will say I do to your very best friend,
    You will become husband and wife.
    Two hearts become one, one spirit, one body.
    Today you will share one life.

    There will be good times and good memories too.
    Together you'll share laughter and fun.
    I pray for you both that from this moment,
    A lifetime of happiness has begun.

    But there may be tough times, arguments and sadness,
    Moments you may shed some tears,
    But in these times, I say "Let there be love"
    To help you through the difficult years.

    Let love surround you in all that you do.
    Let love always be your guide.
    May you always be there for each other,
    Right next to your partner's side.

    Holding their hand, with love in your eyes,
    May the two of you stand strong forever.
    May you conquer your fears and fight your battles.
    May you celebrate love together.

    With God in your hearts you will always know love.
    You will always know right from wrong.
    And may God bless your both, including your children,
    Keep you all healthy, safe and strong

    A vow you will take, an oath you will make,
    Before the good Lord above
    To love one as another as I have loved you,
    To always "Let there be love."

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  22. 20. My Wedding Day

    • By Lacey D. Karlek
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As a woman begins her life as a married woman she reassures her father that their relationship will only grow stronger.

    Poem From Bride To Father

    I think about the time,
    Not so long ago,
    That when I needed a helping hand,
    You where the first to know

    I think about the memories,
    The good times we've shared,
    I think about all you've taught me,
    And how my broken heart you always repaired

    Now as I stand here today,
    And reminisce on the past,
    I think about how hard this day is for you,
    How fast the years have surpassed

    But as you walk me down the aisle,
    Daddy, please don't cry,
    You know how much I love you,
    And this is not good-bye

    As I spread my wings and fly,
    Look at me and know,
    That you will forever be in my heart,
    Even as the years grow

    I think of today as a new beginning,
    But my love for you will stay,
    So walk me down the aisle Daddy,
    It's my Wedding Day

    Poem From Bride To Father, My Wedding Day

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    Latest Shared Story

    I enjoyed this poem very much because fathers are often neglected at weddings. And fathers are very important!

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