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ABC Poem About A Snowy Day

My poem is an ABC poem about a child's perspective of a snowy day.

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A Snowy Day


Published: March 2018

As soon as snow falls, we
Bundle up and head outside.
Children everywhere come together for a
Daring snowball fight until
Eventually one team surrenders.
Fighting through the snow to get back home, being
Greeted by mom with a steaming cup of
Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Intensely running to the door, I was
Jerked backed before going outside.
Keeping my thoughts to myself, I
Looked out the window at all the freshly fallen snow. I
Mourned the loss of not going back outside.
Nagging at the roof were several icicles.
Once getting to the long night, I
Planned my adventures for tomorrow.
Quietly running downstairs,
Racing pass my mom in the kitchen, I
Stepped down the slippery steps,
Taking my time so I wouldn’t fall.
Under the tree I built a snowman.
Venturing to neighbors' houses to
Wait for my friends to
Excitedly figure out something fun,
Yelling for help when I went back inside, because my
Zipper got stuck on my shirt.


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