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ABC Poem About Summer Activities

This poem was for my final exam in English. It's about things that happen in summer. Please enjoy this poem!

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Published: August 2015

Awesome way to end a
Busy school year.
Carrying a picnic along with the family
Even the fish are biting.
Get out there and set the
Ice cream melting down your hand
Just as you're getting to the last of it.
Killing time while
Laughing at
Mother's sunburn.
No worries about late school work.
Organizing a trip to
Play at the lake.
Quickly gaining our own sunburn. I'm so
Ready for
Summer time.
Tubing down the river.
Universe by your side.
Venturing into the
Wilderness. Getting
X-rays for the bones we've broken. Wondering if school has come
Yet as we miss our old friends, but before then let's plan the next trip to the



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