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Create A Book Spine Poem

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Creating book spine poems are a fun and creative way to craft a poem without having to write down any words. They are created by stacking books on top of each other until a poem emerges.

Go to your local library, or pull off a handful of books from your own shelf at home. Stack the books on top of each other, and read the titles from top to bottom. Each title becomes a different line of the poem. Arrange the books in an order that most appeals to you, and feel free to replace book titles that aren’t working well into your poem.

If you want to create a funny poem, you will probably get a lot of laughs if you blindly choose 5-10 books, because the titles will most likely not be related to each other. But if you are trying to capture a certain theme, choose your books more selectively by searching the library’s catalogue for book titles containing specific words.

Take a picture of your book spine poem and share it with us on social media. We’d love to see what you create.

Article applicable to: Teens, Teachers teaching Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


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