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The only way to get better at something is to practice it over and over again. Poetry is just like that. It’s a craft that takes time to master. National Poetry Month is held every April, and it’s the perfect time to find the poet in you.

Take the month to explore this art form. It’s okay if it’s completely new and foreign to you. If you desire to learn more about how to read, write, and appreciate this genre, we guaranteed it will happen.

One Poem Each Day
Try writing a poem each of the 30 days of National Poetry Month. Your first one might only consist of two lines that barely rhyme, but that’s okay—not all poetry rhymes. As you explore the form more and more, writing poems will become easier and a lot more fun.

If you’re unsure where to start, try some structured poems. They will give you the framework you need to craft a poem.

If writing a poem each day is too overwhelming, try writing ONE poem over the course of the month. Just one. How?

One Line Each Day
Write down one line. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter how long it is. It could be one word or ten. What matters is you’re writing.

The next day, add a second line to it. You decide if you want it to rhyme or not.

One the third day you’ll add just one more.

Continue this for the next few weeks, and at the end of April you’ll be staring back at a finished poem. It’s that easy.

Chances are, the ending of your poem will not be what you expected when you started the poem at the beginning of the month.

If you really want to see how your poem can evolve over the course of the month, cover up all of the lines except two of the most recent ones. Due to the amount of time between the writing of each line, your daily life experiences will begin affecting your writing. You might see your mood reflected in a certain line. Or maybe you begin writing about a particular person who comes to mind. No matter now it unfolds, it will be entertaining to reflect upon at the end of the month.

Enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to share your poems with us.



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