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Broken Heart Poem For Him

I felt a soul mate had been found and she reciprocated. Words were said to me I couldn't ignore and my heart melted for her. I was thoroughly torn apart when a dark selfish side appeared, but I was already in deep and believed in what love could do.
There is also a dark side to love; that which can be all so good can be equally devastating, leaving one jaded after a lifetime of emptiness.

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I replaces all the hers with hims. He was my first love and I lost him due to judgment at school. I love this poem so much.

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My Last Love

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Published: July 2012

Her hair of black and eyes of brown,
so very sweet and pretty she was.
From another country way on down,
fascinated by what she says and does.

Years went by and we fell in love
perhaps it was due to circumstance.
We seemed to fit together like a glove
but knew we were taking a chance.

She opened up to me of long pain
'cause she felt comfortable, you see.
She relayed her past and the strain
about a mother, father, brother and me.

She said I was her soul mate found
circumstances brought us together.
We felt love actually knew no bound
flocked together like birds of a feather.
I felt inside that she may be lost
what she needed I could provide.
My heart I felt prepared for the cost
just in the event that we may divide.

Raised without love she never felt
said she knew no other way but use.
These were the cards she was dealt
but still that is certainly no excuse.

It felt real in my heart, that's true
and I also knew it in my head
'Cause of time together as two
and never ever going to bed.

I felt she used me against myself
as I had a soft and open heart.
My love she used put on a shelf
took it down again and tore it apart.

Perhaps it was simply my own fault
but I believed in love and the power.
The wound hurts like filled with salt
any prospects of love again are sour.

I have fallen in love just twice in my life,
when I was young and again much older.
There's been other love and even strife,
my heart has grown wise but now colder.

I know it's sad to say that and I do fret
and feel I may be missing out on such.
Looking back through life with regret
to hope or love any more hurts too much.



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  • Jade by Jade, Ca
  • 7 years ago

I replaces all the hers with hims. He was my first love and I lost him due to judgment at school. I love this poem so much.

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