Life Lesson Poem

Living With Humility

Our egos can get the best of us sometimes as human beings. But humility is wisdom, and I constantly ask God for this grace. We all should.

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Cool It Down


Published: March 2018

You're not so important
That you can't be replaced.
If you leave today,
Someone will fill your space;
Cool it down.

You're not that mighty
That you cannot fall.
Sometimes what will make you trip
Is something really small;
Cool it down.

You're not that wise
To justly give into pride.
You can learn useful lessons,
Sometimes from a little child;
Cool it down.

You're not that excellent
By earning other's applause.
Same folks that shout your praise
Can still point out your flaws;
Cool it down.

Don't get so confident
To presume you're the only one.
Should you die today,
Life will simply go on;
Cool it down.

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