Nature Poem for Kids

Let's Make Nature Our Friend

Children are our future. If we can encourage kids to spend time with nature, they can find a true friend in it and thus create a bond. So, naturally they will be aware of the environment and will not do anything to cause harm.

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A Lifelong Companion


Published: August 15, 2018

Have you ever chased the setting sun,
just to have fun?

Have you ever gazed at moon and stared,
simply to admire?

Have you ever looked at canopy of leaves,
imagining them as sieves?

Have you ever noticed how the rain
glistens the golden grain?

Have you ever sung to a flower,
forgetting the passing hour?

Have you ever searched nature
for a hidden treasure?

Let's make environment a lifelong companion -
Like a true friend, it will never abandon.

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