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I love robins, and this poem was inspired by a real bird who I christened Cheeky Beak. He was a friendly little robin who came to us to be fed and actually did many of the things in the poem, like hopping into the house to say hello. Another trick he had was to light on the door handle and tap on the glass with his beak if we were slow with his breakfast! Caring for the natural world is as good for us as it is for Nature. I hope that message comes across in the poem, and that you enjoy it!

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Such a fun loving poem. This poem painted your chirping friend beautifully.

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Cheeky Beak

© more by Mary Denise Lyons

Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Cheeky Beak's a robin,
He lives beside my house.
He's redder than a berry,
And rounder than a mouse.

Winter's hard on Cheeky Beak,
For food is scarce, you see.
But never fears my feathered friend,
For he relies on me!

First thing in the morning,
Come rain or hail or snow,
In slippers, socks and jammies,
To feed my bird I go.

In joy flies forth my Cheeky Beak,
With many a cheep and peep!
His feathers fluff, he steps right up,
While his fellows merely peek.

One day I left the door ajar,
And in my friend did step,
With eyes so black and bold and bright
And cheeky in his head.

'Where is my breakfast?', cheeped the bird,
With a sideways tilt of his head,
'I'll join you here and eat with you
And have some tea instead.'

I know I'd miss my cheeky bird
If he should fly away,
And if my bird I didn't feed,
I know that he'd miss me!


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Such a fun loving poem. This poem painted your chirping friend beautifully.

I love it - a real feel good factor when reading this poem. Robins are always so friendly. I must check and see if you have more poems published by Family Friends. Very best wishes, Ann

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