Romantic Valentine's Day Poem

Valentine's Eve

Valentine's wild rose reverie of year
Yesterday's memory, love's souvenir.

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Do You Remember?

Beryl L Edmonds © more by Beryl L Edmonds

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2020 with permission of the Author.

Do you remember that Valentine's Eve?
Soft moonlight shining through silhouette trees,
Silvery stars glistening just for us.
Do you remember being so in love?

Earth stood silently still, the world was ours,
If only for those few mystical hours.
Such tenderness in the meeting of lips,
Sharing the joys of love's magical bliss.

Do you remember midnight chimes begin
To announce Saint Valentine's coming in?
Intense ardour and pleasure interlaced,
Elevating us into outer space.

Hearts charged with passion, electrifying.
Sparks a-flying as nighttime was dying.
Touching, exploring, loving, adoring
Until the lovely night became morning.

Do you remember coming back to ground?
Lying quietly as heartbeats wound down,
Gentle embraces, kisses by the score,
Then slipping away to dream L' amour.

Fervour that's only seen in a movie.
The starring roles were yours and yours truly.
We'd found nirvana with its grace and charms,
Wrapped up perfectly in each other's arms.

Do you remember?



My interest and love of poetry began at school, when I was fourteen years of age. The class were given the project of writing an anthology of verse, using our own poetry and designing the cover for our book.
I really enjoyed the project and still have the book I made.
Poetry has remained a lifelong hobby, I enjoy reading and writing poems to...

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