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The Power Of Sleep And Dreams

The story behind my poem "Dreams" was to coin a phrase dreamed up out of desperation when I was suffering from insomnia, sad but true. I was lying there one night in the still of the night with my husband in bed snoring and I started just nodding away. Finally I nodded off, and when I woke my husband had gone off to work, and I wrote the following poem.

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Published: April 2017

We slip beneath the pillow's spell
And drift from heaven and into hell
To lose control of conscious mind
The secrets of our soul to find.

A timeless journey fills our being.
The blind man now becomes all-seeing.
The lonely now becomes the lover.
The childless wife a loving mother.

Reflection of our dormant fears
Once woken may reduce to tears.
With sleep the master free to prey
On untold thought which nightly stray.


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