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After a pensive afternoon lost in thought, I realized I desired something that was unattainable. This poem represents my longing to change that person and make them more committed to love and less self-centered.

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Drop The Mirror


Published: April 2009

A silhouette upon the moonlight night
Spawned internally by her mind
A glance in a mirror, a shock of fright
Thoughts she daren't leave behind
Beside herself with grief and pity
Eviscerated of her veracity

Beneath salty watermarks of ecstasy
Lurks her boiling blood-lust
Wrapped in her mirror, dramatically
Containing all within her bust,
Pale faces greet her own reflection
Slowly rotting, breeding tradition

My own inward conscious mind
Seeks her happiness without restriction
Meticulously I seek to find
Emancipation from her own condition
For I myself, amidst solitude
Reflect in that very mirror, a harrowing view

Upon the waking eye, ever in pursuit
I reach to smash and break
This mirror concealing her fortitude
To release her-to awake
So drop the mirror, turn and face
Stay a while within my warm embrace


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