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Perspective Is Up To You

Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to. Good or bad, simple or complicated easy or difficult. How you look at them is all up to you. Never let life's hardships disturb you.

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Nights Of Dream

© more by Mary Wismer

Published: January 2008

Heart when shattered
heaved to heal
as greatness unveils
the soul yet divine
Hope being whispered
by the tunes distant
the pain as disowned
melts river into the flow

night as brings the mirth
tender flow passing the stream
with glorious blunder.
as it is not one or two,
but dissipated all
in the nights of dream

Sadness comes to end
as the mind when revels
happiness when conquered
hate being exiled
Love sprouts the rhythm
sadness shrinking
hope when come again.


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