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The Waves Of Love: A Poem Of Heartbreak And Turmoil

This poem comes from Amy O Connor's poetry book, A Beautiful Complexity. The poem explores the overwhelming and sometimes suffocating nature of intense emotions, particularly in the context of love and heartbreak. The poet describes the waves of their feelings for someone and how these waves can suddenly pull them under and leave them gasping for air, unable to escape the depths of their emotions. The poem portrays a sense of powerlessness in the face of strong feelings and the struggle to stay afloat amidst the turmoil.

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© more by Amy O Connor

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020 with permission of the Author.

They come in waves,
my feelings for you.
And not pretty whitecaps
dancing at my feet.
But when I least expect it.
When life seems to be
a quiet stream of continuity.
They come to disrupt.
So forceful they pull me under,
so that I am drowning and once again,
can’t catch my breath.


Amy O Connor was born in Tipperary, Ireland. She spent much of her early twenties travelling the world to experience different cultures and has lived in both Barcelona, Spain and Toronto, Canada. Amy always had an innate passion for the pen and in 2019, she published her debut anthology, A Beautiful Complexity. She studied journalism at the University of Limerick and now works in communications and resides in Cork, Ireland.


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