Cheating Poem

When The Love Of Your Life Cheats On You

My husband (now ex-husband) cheated on me & it was devastating. I give him another chance for him to only repeat those actions a decade later. I learned the hard way that if someone wants to walk out of your life, you LET THEM! Never beg anyone to stay in your life. Never. Love yourself & teach others how to love you just as much bec in the end, I wasted another decade on a man that never deserved me to begin with. Know your worth!

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Lisa D. Jessie © more by Lisa D. Jessie

Published by Family Friend Poems January 20, 2024 with permission of the Author.

All I had ever wanted
And what I prayed for every night
Now that it's here
Not a single hope in sight.

I wake up every morning
And take a big deep breath
Is this nightmare really over
Will all the fights be layed to rest?

I tried to focus on the good times
The days we were in love
But all the good times now are gone
And replaced of all what was.

This house is full of memories
All the pictures on these walls
A time before remembered
Before you threw away it all.

I know I said I forgave you
And at the time, I thought I had
But that day is stuck on repeat
Was she worth the life you had?

A shattered heart and a painful memory
Is now what you've given me
A far cry from our marriage vows
To love, honor, and cherish thee.

Every fight leads us back in time
About the trash you left me for
You could never understand my dear
I fell apart and hit the floor.

I really tried to start all over
But a past I would recall
Dear God, this pain that I still carry
Heartbreak echoes through these walls.

It may appear that my life is full
But I'm still very much alone
Do you notice I'm not really here
And now my love for you is gone.

Spent years trying to trick my mind
But it was my heart I had to convince
To love a man through all of that
Truth is...I've not felt the same way since.


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