Depression Poem

Find A Reason To Keep Fighting

When you find your passion, you find a reason to live.

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Find Your Drive


Published: December 4, 2017

Sometimes you just have to push yourself just to get out of bed.
You stay up 'til 2am just wishing you were dead.
You ask yourself, "Why can't it be someone else instead?"
You get tired of all the thoughts in your head.

You lose sight of who you want to be.
You blame yourself, screaming, "Why am I me?"
You wish you could just be free.
Open your eyes and you'll see

That life is what you make it, and sometimes it's hard.
We get battered and bruised, mistreated and scared.

We forget what's important.
We forget our drive.
We all need a focus point,
A reason to survive.

Find your passion.
Find your drive.
Find something that makes you fight,
And you will survive.



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