Poem about Life Struggles

Fighting Past Depression And Anxiety

A poem about the struggles of depression and finding a way to move on and smile again.

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Few words to explain me. Thanks, dear. You are not alone.

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Lucy Petersen © more by Lucy Petersen

Published: September 2020

Sometimes I can't find the words
That fill my messy head.
Can't find the effort to smile
Or get out of my silly old bed.

The world just sometimes feels like
I don't fit and don't belong,
And even when I make the effort,
A smile just doesn't last long.

I could pretend with all my might
That I am the happiest I can be.
Surrounded by the world, it seems
Lonelier I couldn't be.

Not sure what may be the answer.
Not sure if I'm really keen
To spend another day here,
Living this dreadful dream.

But I must find some courage,
Light a fire inside my heart
And find a love for life again,
And I know where I shall start.

I'll walk among the forest
And feel the crisp sea breeze
And lay among the meadow
And listen to all the bees.

I'll figure out the mayhem
And gaze at all the stars
And dance at every sunset
With a smile inside my heart.


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  • Monganize Daphne by Monganize Daphne
  • 1 month ago

Few words to explain me. Thanks, dear. You are not alone.

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