Breaking Up Poem

Poem About Sadness From A Breakup

I wrote this poem because I feel the same as it explains. I got broken up with and felt the world wouldn't be able to go on without him in my life, even though it did. I hope no one feels what I felt about myself the day I saw him with his ex (whom he told me not to worry about). He always talked so rough about her. Now I can't help but wonder if he speaks the same way about me as he did her in the relationship.

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Forever You

© more by Amberleigh Wilson

Published by Family Friend Poems February 22, 2023 with permission of the Author.

You walked away
Left me alone
Nothing to say
No place to call home

Tears grew
In my eyes
If only you knew
Why I cry

Darling, I'd wait
For a million years
I'd hope for fate
Cry many tears

No matter the space
The world puts between us
No matter the pace
It'd take to discuss

You and I
Me and you
I can't deny
What you put me through

You broke my heart
Crumpled it up
Tore it apart
Threw it in a cup

You used me for show
Then put me aside
Now I know
No reason to lie

We fought
For eternity
Even I thought
This would last infinitely

It did not
That is true
But I fought
Just for you


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