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Poem Praying For Children's Future

So many of our youth today are in total disarray. They deal with peer pressure and many other things. As Americans, let's get back to the basics and train our children with morals and dignity.

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Forgive Us


Published: March 2015

Dear God, please forgive us for how our children are being raised,
Because later in life we are standing in a daze.

We say because we love them, we'll let them have their way,
not realizing they'll be a nightmare for some man, some woman, someday.

Little Mike's smart mouth was cute when he was a child,
now it's not so cute when for murder he stands trial.

Dear God, please forgive us, for from Your Word we've gone astray,
Our hearts are broken and in total disarray.

God, hear our cry; answer our call,
lest we forget you are the only help for us all.


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