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Few weeks before this poem I lost a friend. I woke up one morning and from my window I see this huge tree and I started thinking about my friend and found myself writing this poem. Hope you will like It

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Free Spirit

Shahinaz Soliman © more by Shahinaz Soliman

Published by Family Friend Poems October 29, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Free spirit on a top of a tree,
Watching you humans from the land to the sea.
Remembering life and what it used to be
I  am relieved, my soul is resting,I am all set free.

I see some of you are running like crazy
You there decided to layback  and just be lazy?
Here she is so romantic loving roses and daisy
You there; your life has been unclear frankly so hazy

Angry? just take a deep breath
Scared? don't be afraid of death
Hopeful? For health or for wealth
Lonely? Embrace your life and redo the math

Power and delusions
Money and confusions
Love and relations
Morals and temptations

Judging and arguments
Vitamins and supplements
Winning and losing
Trying and choosing

Behavior and rules
Computers and tools
Punishments and retaliations
Feelings and sensations 

Failure and success
Suits and a dress
Right and wrong
Weak or strong

Happy or sad
Good or bad
Smart or dumb
Sensitive or numb

Peace and war
Little or more
Rich and poor
This is life for sure !!

Ha, I am glad I am free
I don't need to think what it should be
Too much to handle
I am  done, I blew my candle
Here again on the top of a tree
The breeze  is so fresh I am all set free



I am a free soul who wants to express her thoughts and feelings. I am a physician who heals herself by writing a poem, I have been doing this since I was 9 years old.
Thank you for allowing me to share my poems with you♥️

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