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Being Yourself And Loving Who You Are

Growing up, the things that were told to me about how I look and what I should do or shouldn't do were directed towards me negatively and were very hurtful. I understand how it feels not to feel free in your own skin. So this poem is a celebration for all of those struggling with some of the same issues I went through and learn to love themselves. This is a great poem for teachers/parents to discuss with a child.

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Free To Be You!


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018

I see you there, hiding in the dark.
Don't be afraid, I am here to help.
Look closely, don't you know me?
You see how I walk and talk; I am Unique!
You see my face; I am Beauty!
You see my smile; I am Wonderful!
You see how I Believe; I am Proud too!
Yes, I am you!
Here, take my hand.
For when the dark tries to enter,
Hold on as tight as you can,
For your Strength is your Heart's defender.
I won't lie to you, there may be some sad days,
But it's okay to cry.
It's okay to fail.
Just get up again throw all those bad things and feelings into the garbage pail.
Hold your head up, smile and give it another try.
Remember to always do Your best!
No matter what you choose to do,
Don't worry about any negativity from the rest.
Just be You!


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