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Living Without Prejudice

Always remember every nationality, every race, color, and person out there can contribute to the person you become. Knowing different cultures can only broaden one's horizon. To the parents of a child, you are the gardener. What type of garden will you plant? This is a great poem for parents/teachers to discuss with children.

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Make Me A Garden

Sylvia Stults © more by Sylvia Stults

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018 with permission of the Author.

Help me design my garden of life
Full of iris, crocus, and lily
With daffodils that shine so bright
Like the sun of the greater deities.

Make me a path that curves around trees
Of stepping stone, wood chip, and moss
Varying in array of colors
Causing one's mind to venture in thought.

Make me a garden so rich in hue
That the sun will fight not to set,
Where merely viewing its beauty
All differences one will forget.

Make me a garden like people of the world,
All different in culture and view,
Contributing to the person I am
Without your prejudicial few.

A garden of only one color, it seems
Would be dull and so very alone.
I want my garden of life to be filled
With every color known.



Hello my name is Sylvia. I presently work in the healthcare field. I love to paint with oils and often wished I studied art as well. I love poetry of all kinds and someday hope to pick up on the different styles. I'm trying, but until I do...I'll follow the words of my mother, who passed when I was a young girl, "Just say...

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