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Poem About Someone Who Is About To Face Death

What if today is your last? Have you ever thought of the things you wanted to do most on this day? How are you going to spend this very important day? Read the poem and look how the writer of the poem answers that question.

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If This Day Is My Last


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015 with permission of the Author.

If this day is my last,
I will be rejoicing,
Reminiscing my memories since my life came to being.
I will spend this day only by praying
To the One who made me, and to Him I'll sing.

If this day is my last,
I will proudly tell the world
That I lived my life to the fullest that I could;
I laughed and smiled though defeated in the fight;
That's how a warrior should be--his power is God's might.

If this day is my last,
I will strum my guitar;
I will sing a hymn, a melodious charm.
Its words will linger in their hearts with glee;
And until the final note, it will forever be.

If this day is my last,
With my family I'll stay;
Chat with mom and dad; with my brothers I'll play.
I will tell them how I valued them much;
Until forever meets the end, my gratitude will last.

If this day is my last,
I will call my friends,
My fellas and buddies and all the rest.
Never a tear will fall from their eyes;
For this day I promise, all laughter will shine.

If this day is my last,
I will hold a pen
And a paper as well for my ultimate test.
There I'll write everything in my mind,
And what my heart truly feels, in this day of flight.

If this day is my last,
I will make every second count;
I will see every person that I care all about.
In the meadows I will lie, and every peak I will climb,
And shout to the world, "This is my borrowed life!"

If this day is my last,
To the heroes I will tell,
"I will join you now where your souls dwell."
With your deeds you've made a splendid legacy;
But I don't know in myself if I'll also be.

If this day is my last,
These words will see you,
As a living last utterance of my joyful adieu.
A short life driven by adventurous courses;
This will make the royal mourn in my agony's presence.

In a fallen kingdom no soldier may live;
But in my fallen body--I shall see no one grieve;

If this day-- is my last...


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