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This is my spiritual contemplation of my own soul, The journey of all our lives, the reasons why we struggle with so many things which really are inside ourselves.

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I Know


Published: March 2009

I don't know where I'm going,
But I do know where I'm from,
I know about pain and sorrow,
The beauty of love and its song,
I know about the heartache,
The suffering the despair,
I know I'll never stop loving,
Or that I really care,
I know why we ask the questions,
And how they came to be,
I know when we find the answers,
We are humbled, Brought down to our knees,
Moral lessons and our need to learn them,
Temperance, Justice, Patience, and Strength,
Understanding, Truth, Wisdom, Courage,
That our thirst will never be quenched,
Striving ever forward but never far enough,
To reach our goal the heavens,
The blessings of those above.

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