Poem about Life Struggles

Life Is Difficult, And That's Okay

Struggling with burnout, I find life can become monotonous and difficult, everyday feeling the same as I dread it. Though I try to remind myself that it's okay, things do get better on this rollercoaster of life.

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It's Hard, Sometimes

Sierra S. Emrick ©

Published by Family Friend Poems January 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Getting up in mornings for my usual day,
Though I really I just sit and think and lay,
It's hard, sometimes.

My thoughts are cloudy and full of worries,
I shake my head, I'm late, I hurry,
It's hard, sometimes.

Work all day, home late at night,
I go to my room so I'm out of sight,
It's hard, sometimes.

I'm silent, burnt out, now just a shell,
I remind myself that this isn't my Hell, but
It's hard, sometimes.

Just for a moment I have some time,
Yet catching up with friends feels like a crime,
It's hard, sometimes.

Breathe, be gentle, it's alright for a break,
Never hurts to remember it's not a piece of cake,
It's hard, sometimes.

My mind finally steady, I now hear myself say,
It's okay, it's okay that
It's hard sometimes.


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