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Conquering Negativity In Life

Sometimes I feel like life has so many things against us. Poverty. Personal issues. With these weights on our shoulders, we don't feel happy or we try to find it but can't. You can find it. You just have to preserve through it.

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Just Want A Happy Life

© more by Sadwick

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016 with permission of the Author.

I live with depravity,
Pressure like gravity.
Why can't they just see
I want to live happily?

Surrounded by poverty,
The cravings of obesity,
Those dreams of reality.
Why can't they just see
I want to be all I can be?

I try to live with simplicity,
But I get hit with hostility.
People keep telling me
You won't live happily.

Forget all this negativity.
I'm going against normality,
Living a life of morality
In a world full of brutality.

Spitting out blasphemy,
Using profanity.
Why not be in harmony?
Treat strangers like family.

Going to love unconditionally,
I know my personality.
Don't need this scrutiny.
I know who I will be,
Just watch and see.


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