Faith Poem

Uplifting Poem About Having Hope And Faith

I am condensing my last 25 years into this poem. I have had many struggles. Some very intense. But even though God didn't spare me from trouble in every situation, He always was with me through them. Sometimes young people can't see light at the end of the tunnel. And some of us older folks can lend a helping hand. I wish the best for all who read it.

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Lighten Up Today


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

When you're going through life's valleys,
And you think there's no way out,
You're not the first to feel this way.
There's hope, without a doubt.

It was easier many years ago,
Thought life would stay that way,
But now you feel like crap,
And it seems it's here to stay.

Your friends have tried to help,
But you tell them it's no use,
You think one has it in for you,
It seems you can't get loose.

Set the problem aside today,
Have fun and take a break.
You have no idea until you try it.
What a difference it can make.

So your trouble didn't vanish,
What time you were away,
But it sometimes makes it easier
And can help you through the day.

If you feel like giving up,
How will you ever know,
If you had diverted your attention,
Learned what God wants you to know?

He wants you to be blessed, He does.
He loves you till it hurts.
He's cared about you many years,
Since you were a little squirt.

If the devil tries to scare you,
You know he's telling tales.
Jesus defeated him completely,
The day he got those nails.

Whatever you are going through,
Keep a song playing in your heart,
And give thanks to God above
You don't push a shopping cart.

Use a little humor today.
It makes things seem much lighter,
And I'm hoping that you real soon,
Will feel a whole lot brighter.


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