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Limerick About Having Fun As A Child

This is a limerick about how carefree a child can be. Selecting a cookie from the cookie jar is the most important task of the day. How fun childhood can be!

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WOW!!!! Very, very, very good. Simple but good.

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Wake Up

Meena © more by Meena

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2019 with permission of the Author.

Time to wake up my sweet little one.
It is time for you to see the rising sun.
Stay awake, my superstar.
Mum's left open the cookie jar.
Wake up, little one, and have some fun.



Meena's poetic journey began in 2010, a year that marked the inception of her soulful expressions through verses. Despite her dedication to academics, her ink flowed tirelessly, and she read far more than she could ever pen down. Writing became her sanctuary, a realm where emotions found a voice.

In 2011, Meena's creative talents...

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  • Kaisha by Kaisha
  • 3 years ago

WOW!!!! Very, very, very good. Simple but good.

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