God Poem

It comes from deep philosophizing how God thought about creation. I tried to put it over as if I were God.

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My Contemplating Creation Of The Universe

© more by Alan McDougall

Published: December 2008

The Lord created me in the beginning of his works,
before all else,
when he set the heavens in their place, I was there,
before he made the earth, I was his darling child
and played the creation game, in eternal joy with him.
I was his craftsman and his companion and delight.
Wisdom and word is my name
and I was with him before all creation.
He is the ancient of days and I am his eternal son.

We together created mighty superstrings
and weaved them together with colossal strands of energetic light
colored in beautiful magnificent opalescence
into the very fabric of reality
and a new unimaginably beautiful universe was born in glory and delight.

We sang together the song of creation
and the new universe began to vibrate with countless frequencies of light,
glory translucent and everlasting with the vibrations of the song of existence.
The singer sang the song,
the painter the painting,
the creator the creation.

The universe then began to weave, dance, and vibrate flux and vortex into one colossal maelstrom,
spiral in perfect order from the mind of the eternal one.
The Universe danced and sang with joy.
The dancer danced and sang along with his new creation.

Oh! How we rejoiced together that wonderful day.
The mighty suns began to sing together the beautiful song of creation
across the vastness of the marvelous new mighty universe.
All sang together in wonderful harmony. 

In pristine beauty was the planet earth created.

But God hesitated and decided to first create immortal companions Angels of light that would serve him, without question.

He then looked at that most unique and beautiful pristine of water blue worlds,
planet earth in a beautiful universe,
we call it planet earth and the sun around which it revolves is called Sol.

God then created all the creatures on the earth
and in the universe gave humanity a colossal complex brain
so that they could look after all the creatures on blessed mother earth.
He gave humanity one thing unique from all the other creatures,
namely, a free will without any restrictions or reservations or conditions.


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