Goodbye Friend Poem

Poem Saying Goodbye To A Close Friend

This is to one of my closest friends. We've been best friends for 6 years. We've been going to the same school for 6 years. Now I am going to an early college while she is going to a regular high school. And I just want to let her know that even though we are traveling our separate paths, she still holds that special place in my heart. And I hope she has the same for me.

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My Friend


Published: March 2012

We're parting
Our ways
But I'll never
forget you

The day
When I had
First met you

Over the years
We've been through thick and thin
But I'll never forget you
My friend

I love you
Held you so close to my heart
None above you
Drawn to you from the start

I can't believe
I'm leaving you
But the love I've found
Was oh so true

And I hope
It will never end
I'll miss you
My friend

We're not on the
Same road
But it doesn't mean I'll
Forget you

I'll still help
Carry the load
The only thing
I don't regret is you

Holding on to
What we have
Just can't
Let it go

It's just too special
What we had
And I just want
To let you know

That just because
We're parting ways
Doesn't mean
I'll ever forget you

The day
When I had first
Met you

My friend



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