Current Events Poem

A professional politician stands pen-sketched. The poem starts with three vivid pictures markedly nailing a thankless politician. The last stanza fixes him well.

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Portrait Of A Politician

© more by Vijay Vishal

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009 with permission of the Author.

A canker
Who cankers the very wood
Wherein he stays.

A climber
Who sucks
The marrow of those
Who nursed and nourished him
With pills and potions of power.

A snake
Who stings and bites
Who managed milk for him.

Makes promises
Never means to fulfill
Wears smiles
Emerge not from the heart
Preaches precepts
Flouts with impunity
Propounds principles
Violates with a vengeance.

Swears by poverty
But shuns the poor
Castigates riches
But sheathes the rich
Declares war on corruption
But shields the corrupt
Loudly advises frugality
But rolls in regality.

A living and licentious example
Of service-above-self


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