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The poem was written by me during the lockdown 2020 as a result of COVID-19. The poem tells a story of the bravery of a nurse who leaves for work each day, feeling very fearful like you and I but continues with her professional and caring duties.

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A Brave Nurse, That She Is...


Published: May 13, 2020

A brave nurse, that she is.
She faces her fears for us,
By whipping on her scrubs and gloves
Each day with no fuss.

When leaving her home,
A lump forms in the back of her throat.
She anxiously gazes back at her family
As she waves and zips up her coat.

At the hospital where she's based,
A thick dark cloud lingers over the ward.
She whispers under her breath,
Please help these people recover, Lord.

More patients are admitted with COVID,
And the beds are now fully occupied.
She is unable to contain the tears,
As she sees no family by their side.

A brave nurse, that she is,
But this is her most difficult task.
Her lips are actually trembling, you know,
Behind the medical mask.

A bed soon becomes vacant,
The virus was just too strong.
She replaces the sheets as tears flow,
And that's another one gone.

A brave nurse, that she is,
But remember this too,
She is also very fearful,
Just like me and you.

Oh, a brave nurse, that she is.


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