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Poem About The Conflict In Gaza

I am a 14 year old boy who is dreaming to be a famous poet one day. After what happened to Gaza, I was inspired to write a poem about Gaza. I hope it will affect you.

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Never Ending Fight


Published: February 2010

Planes coming in at night.
Tanks coming in at dawn.
Dreams attacking us in our sleep.
You can see that shadow creep.
Everywhere you go you are forced to find cover.
You just hear those rockets hover.
Everywhere you look you see pieces of bodies on the floor.
The sad thing is that we don't even get a chance to open that new door.
You see kids watching their parents die.
It's so sad that we are left with dry tears.
Tears are not the thing to show how sad we are.
The hearts are deeply crying of this deep sadness.
The problem is that this was our territory first.
Only Allah can feel how badly we're hurt.
All Gaza could do is just wait.
For in the end our message will be sent.


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