Heartbreak Poem

Betrayal And Heartbreak Due To Drug Use

This is my story. The love of my life started using meth, and in a matter of months had turned into a complete stranger. He walked out on me and his son 4 months ago. I found out he had moved in with a girl who was my best friend for over 10 years. This has completely shattered my world and has been the most painful thing I've ever been through. They say time heals all wounds and it gets easier. I hope that's true because it still feels like yesterday.

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I’m 13 years old, going on 14, and this happened to me. My boyfriend broke up with me. We go to school together, and he’s in all of my classes. When I see him, all I want to do is just tell...

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Shattered Lives

Heather R. Carpenter © more by Heather R. Carpenter

Published: March 2017

Memories are all that's left of the love we used to know.
Memories of happier times now seem so long ago.

What started out as friendship grew into so much more.
I fell so deeply in love with you, a feeling like never before.

The days and nights turned into months, and months turned into years.
There was love and laughter, a baby boy, and many happy tears.

Friends and family, cookouts, four-wheeling, and camping--a life filled with joy.
Watching as our infant son grew into a handsome little boy.

Holidays were spent with the ones we loved each year.
Happy kids, lots of laughs, life was perfect with you my dear.

Falling asleep, feeling safe and secure, nights were never lonely.
You, my love, were it for me. Definitely my one and only.

And just like that it was over as I watched you walk out the door.
I felt my world crumble, the life I once knew no more.

Unable to stop what was happening, I watched you spin out of control.
The meth had taken over, and addiction had taken its toll.

The endless days, the sleepless nights, I've cried countless tears.
Waking up each day to face the reality of my own fears.

As I lay here all alone, my spirit completely broken,
A million unanswered questions, a thousand words unspoken.

When did you stop loving me? Exactly when did we fall apart?
No longer us, now you and her, she's holding a piece of my heart.

She was a dirty little secret; you kept her hidden well.
I wondered if she believes all the lies that you tell.

You claimed that I was crazy, there wasn't anyone else, but the truth came out in the end.
A betrayal at its worst; she was once my very best friend.

I never saw this coming; I guess I was just a fool.
So hard to comprehend it all; how could you be so cruel?

The sincerity of your voice, now replaced by hurtful lies.
The man that I once loved, I no longer recognize.

You've chosen the wrong path, and now you've lost your way.
The devil has taken the lead, the ultimate price you've yet to pay.

Don't take anything for granted; it can change in the blink of an eye.
I never thought I'd live without you, never thought we'd say goodbye.

I look at our little boy, so innocent and pure.
I know I have to be strong; this pain I must endure.

Longing for the time when this heartache goes away,
I put my best foot forward and face another day.



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  • Katrina Taylor by Katrina Taylor
  • 8 months ago

I’m 13 years old, going on 14, and this happened to me. My boyfriend broke up with me. We go to school together, and he’s in all of my classes. When I see him, all I want to do is just tell him how I feel because he’s my whole world, my other half, the sun that shows me the way out of the darkness, but I can’t t ell him. I’m scared of what he’s going to say to me. He left me for a girl that I didn’t like at all. Between that I was going through a rough time like my cousin, her boyfriend, my mom and my siblings all moved to New York, and I have no one to talk to here in Florida. What’s happened to me has really hit hard. The second I looked at him that day, I just wanted to cry. He always ignores me, which I really don’t like. I really do miss my family. If you are going through things, you are not the only one because I am going through it every single day.

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