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Morning Walk In Winter

Before I was disabled, I loved nothing more than taking my then dog for early morning winter walks. I'm so lucky to live in the beautiful county of Northamptonshire in England, and in just a short walk we would be in the glorious countryside, enjoying the peace and tranquility of this wonderful part of the world. It was thinking back to those delightful times that inspired me to write this poem.

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Thank you for your kind words, it's a great feeling to know that something I wrote is enjoyed by others, and those so far away. Kind regards -Paul

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An English Winter's Day

Paul L. Kennedy © more by Paul L. Kennedy

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2020 with permission of the Author.

On those cold and frosty winter's mornings when the grass crunches beneath your feet,
and you're wrapped up in layers, hats and scarves, as is everyone else you meet

When each time you exhale a breath of steam quickly disappears into the chilled air,
and any part of you that is open or exposed is numbed and quickly covered, or beware

Often every outside surface is dusted with winter's cold makeup white,
and Jack Frost at your nose your ears and fingertips tries to take a bite.

Icicles form to look just like the teeth of some long since past prehistoric beast.
Winter's grip in some places on this our Earth holds on; we hope never ever to cease.

The winter sun is low in the sky and its weak rays have little warmth, if any.
God's creatures brave the cold in search of food, but really not that many.

Snug in their winter's long sleep, others see neither day nor night.
The world outside of which they knew now blanketed cold and white.

Eventually when the night draws in and there are no clouds and the sky is clear,
and the only light is from the moon, its silvery glow throughout the heavens appear.

The temperature drops until the very air you breathe chills your lungs with every gasp,
and even the tiniest sound seems to be magnified and its echo all around is cast.

And when the morning light again returns as the sun is again risen from its slumber,
the beauty of our treasured land we once more behold, with eyes of awe and wonder.



I didn’t realise what worldwide talent was out there until I stumbled on this very good website. I’ve always loved writing poetry and am inspired by some really mundane things in life and at other times very serious things and situations. Poetry can be funny and sad and can reflect the inner feelings of the poet and invoke those same emotions...

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Brrrr, I can feel the chill from here in Australia. Love it. Great stuff.

Thank you for your kind words, it's a great feeling to know that something I wrote is enjoyed by others, and those so far away. Kind regards -Paul

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