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The ABC Poem format is a format I have barely used through all the years of writing poetry. However, I was intrigued once I jumped in to try it! My husband of 42 years and I are recently retired and currently living in NC, having moved 3 years ago from New England. Retirement has blessed me with time to finally pursue my love of art and writing. I'm thrilled with this site where I am able to be a part of a community of poets! I'm just getting started, but I look forward to reading others' poems.

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Sharon J Spivak ©

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2019 with permission of the Author.

A ball dress, some slippers, and I am in heaven.
Believe me, pretending and dress up is fun!
Can you use your own imagination?
Do give it a try, my little one.
Every child should try make believe,
For that's what little brains often do best.
Grown-ups may tell you to study your words,
(Hey, have some fun. Take a quick rest!)

I used to pretend whenever I could -
Jumping like grasshoppers into the wood,
Kicking my feet up in some brand-new dance,
Leaping like fairies into the grass.

Mom used to call me a "Scatter Brain,"
Never was I to dance in the rain.
Over and over she warned me, "One day,
People will think your brain's gone astray!"
Questioning her theory, I only saw smiles
Returning to me as I danced many styles.

"She probably meant well, me mum," I would say.
Trying my best to keep dreaming away, but,
Under my blanket at night while in bed,
Visiting people who lived in my head,
Wondering how they liked pretending day long?
Xylophone playing, they'd sing me a song

"You know all the magic of which we're made from?
Zealously keep it and you'll always stay young."


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