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Depression And Anxiety

I've been suffering with depression and anxiety since I was a kid. At the time, I didn't know what it was. It used to feel like screaming inside and hoping someone would hear it and help me. But no one can hear silent screams.

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I used to read all these depression poems, and I kinda just thought they were really good poems, but now whenever I read them, I know exactly what everyone is talking about. I can relate to...

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Silent Screams


Published: September 2019

Can't you hear my silent screams?
They are so loud they echo in my dreams.

Behind this face that carries a smile
Lies a dark road that goes on mile after mile.

My silent screams have been going on for years,
But it always falls on so many deaf ears.

How can they hear these silent screams in my mind?
They can't hear my thoughts if I keep telling them I'm fine.

What can I tell them? These silent screams carry no words.
It's just feelings of sadness and darkness that come in its herds.

How can I explain so people understand this?
It's like walking around in a suffocating black mist.

It's holding on to happiness like holding water in your hands.
It just trickles between your fingers and disappears into the sands.

I can't explain how this feels; it's so extreme,
So I hold my mouth shut to cover my silent screams.


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  • Sofia Jenson by Sofia Jenson
  • 3 months ago

I used to read all these depression poems, and I kinda just thought they were really good poems, but now whenever I read them, I know exactly what everyone is talking about. I can relate to all of these sad, depressing poems so much. I used to think I was sad and depressed cause I liked reading the sad poems, but now I actually understand what the poems say each time I read one of your poems. And not just the person's poem that I'm writing on right now, but everyone else's poems as well.

  • Brian Ledrich by Brian Ledrich
  • 4 months ago

Hi, I been suffering with depression, stress, and anxiety since I was young. I am now 41. I have been having crying spells for no reason at all and talking and crying in my sleep. I just feel so sad and empty inside. I don't understand why. I have a social worker and a psychiatrist, and they are very good, and I'm on meds for it, but it just comes. I wish I could understand why it gets so bad sometimes where I don't want to even get up or do anything.

  • Disha by Disha
  • 1 year ago

Depression is not something you can explain - it is most definitely not sadness. Sadness is about crying and feeling. But depression- it's the absence of feeling, a hollowed feeling. It eats you up, slowly to an extent you can't stop the throbbing pain in your mental sphere.

I was a patient of PTSD. I still am. I still have nightmares, I hallucinate. Terrors.
My workload began to increase. My school, my co-curricular activities, my programs, my schedule became too much. It's too much now also. But I've learned to live with depression. It's painful, but life was never easy or fair. What else can we do but adjust?

  • Farida by Farida
  • 6 months ago

Depression is real and exists, but I believe there's a cure. Find your core of existence. The true meaning of life. Your soul, heart, mind and brain will surely find peace. Find God.

  • Gabriella by Gabriella
  • 7 months ago

I agree, it does eat you whole. I am living with depression, and it just eats you whole and you really can't explain it.

  • Jaffarullah A by Jaffarullah A
  • 1 year ago

I couldn't stop crying. How so many of us are ignorant of the suffering they endure silently. She fought for a while unsuccessfully and vanished so suddenly.

  • Alyena R. Robinson by Alyena R. Robinson
  • 1 year ago

This poem basically sums up what it feels like to be me.

  • Falade Oyindamola by Falade Oyindamola
  • 1 year ago

I am hurting inside, and I’m hoping someone could hear me out. I constantly cry and weep daily because my present situation is killing me. Where are you my darling creator? For how long will I have to endure the pain and agony of a broken home where I have to fend and look out for myself? Having a sister, I told her to go and babysit for a family so she would be able to get her daily feeding. I have an elder sister who makes sure we eat on a daily basis by constantly working. I have a mother who is down with a partial stroke and couldn’t get the health treatment she needed due to financial incapability, and my father is battling with his phase of life. It’s obvious her condition is really affecting her mentally due to the way she behaves most of the time. What life could be this sad? I hope the creator finds us worthy of help.

  • Ryan Cepeda by Ryan Cepeda
  • 1 year ago

I could see myself in this poem notably when I was scrambling to tell my friends the reason of my immediate change. I was once so voracious, I say my thoughts out loud, and I was so approachable, until I was betrayed by a friend. I think that was the most significant cursor why I am afraid to voice out my problems and to tell them what's wrong with me. Even my best and trusted friends couldn't understand my sudden change. They said I became so silent, timid and sad. It's just when you realized that no one can understand because they didn't even listen to you. They may have heard your problem, but they really don't even care. Now, I was devoured by that change. Some claim I'm depressed, but honestly, I prefer this feeling where no one asks and no one intervenes.

  • Isabelle Gilbert by Isabelle Gilbert
  • 1 year ago

I am honestly the same way right now. When I go to places and see friends and family, I smile, and to them I am happy. But on the inside, I'm sad, and I'm screaming out to them so that they might see I'm not doing as okay as they think. Every time I try to show someone that I am alone or I need help, they are blinded by my plastered smile or they go deaf by my loud calling. I think that it is going to be a long time before someone notices or until I find a way to let them know that my city is burning on the inside and I'm the only suffering survivor.

  • Michael by Michael
  • 1 year ago

When I was little had had depression because my brother was moving to New York.

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