Heartbreak Poem

The story behind this poem was when my first love finally gave me some hope and yet I destroyed it all. He was the most imperfect perfection I had laid my eyes on and all of him was scared and bruised. But when you're in love, you see beyond a person's mistakes and flaws. You come to terms with who they are. This poem is an experience; it's part of my life story, and I hope it spreads love to the hearts that are reading it.

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The Dark Road To Love

Fathimath L. Ahmed © more by Fathimath L. Ahmed

Published: June 2018

Destruction and ruination,
Confusion and complication.
That was all she ever was.

Mistakes and insecurities,
Culpabilities and apologies.
The world let her down just like it always does.

She walked on broken glass,
Bleeding herself out,
Numb to all the pain,
Body pale with colorless veins.

She watched as his life was intact,
Tranquil and content.
She tried to let him go,
She really did,
But everything about him pulled her to him like a magnet.

All his flaws in her eyes were like crystals,
Shining radiantly with acceptance.
No matter who he was, who he will be,
Her heart belongs to him, his truly.

Wildfires and cyclones,
Tsunamis and tornadoes.
They both went through those just to survive,
Came out stronger and more than alive.

Rejection and distances,
Resistances and broken promises.
They burned themselves for each other,
Afraid that they would perish if they came closer.

So they stayed where they were,
Carried on with their lives.
Life passed by her eyes in a blur,
As she hoped for the flames to die altogether inside,
For he had moved on.


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