Poem about Spirituality

A Dark Journey Of Spiritual Explorers

This poem is a story that was inspired during a dark period in my life in the year 2016. I wrote it over the course of an hour and revised it many times. It is a spiritual story about human explorers who venture out into the multi-dimensional nature of experience, the realms between life and death, and the vast struggles that are faced throughout the process we call existence. It is a story of sadness and duality, how far we go in trying to find peace, but where are we really looking to find it?

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The Lost: A Story

David Ward ©

Published by Family Friend Poems November 20, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Wondering wonderlands of a timeless stay
Where the leaves fly and the winds sow
Seeds of the new, glows of the old
The Most Patient pant their breaths and hold
When the dark harvest comes, and souls are sold

Wandering wastelands of seamless ways
Where the leaves die and the winds blow
Where minds come and do not know
The persisting reckoning of a time to come
But no time comes, the plan undone

Smoldering deadlands, eternal shadows
Where The Faithless stay and The Hopeful lay
Dormant within the great lost fray
Worried spirits reach down in aid
But they have no hands to take

The lies, they have their way again
In the endless repeating path of pain
Where truth, at last, it makes its way
Through an open door of brightening fate
The Wounded reach out in wretched hope
But the truth? A joke, now hope is broke

Champions of justice step into the game
Hope is restored upon the broken plane
A battle against deceit ensues
And once more faith springs forth renewed
The Brave believe that the shift comes soon
But The Champions are caught, they thought they knew

The Enlightened point to the eye of the storm
There one must go to free their form
The Brave about-face, they resist no more
And faith and hope yet again spring forth
Somehow The Brave still believe they can
Then they can't, into the endless span

Laughter echoes in the hollow halls
Of beings who know not where to fall
The eye of the storm contains eyes of storms
And The Enlightened do not know anymore
The depths to tread to find Heaven's Door
Then...in jest...there may be no Door
But nothing but The Lost who endlessly explore


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