Heartbreak Poem

It was a rainy cold day in February when years ago I got the call that my sister had died from multiple sclerosis after suffering for 17 horrific years. My best friend who had the same birthday & was a carbon copy to my sister promised to step in since I had no other siblings. Years time of many bad things had happened: attempts to salvage what little bit could be saved fell in many tears; The only way after anguish & many sleepless nights I sat up to turn on my light & began to write...

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The Right Thing

Audra A Allensworth ©

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Separation of a friendship is one of the hardest things to do
but sometimes it is the best way to stop you from feeling so blue;
There is no one to blame and no reason to call each other a name
for the pain from that is like lightening going through one vane~

The reasons for this is really not known
but one has to take a step back and take some
time to be alone~

Often it is referred to the death of a loved one
which is just more complex and complicated
than the prior statement that I made up above~

So take the time to step back for a day, a week or even two
if that is what is needed then that is what you must do;
Each life is so precious that we all must live and to
not be true to yourself is the greatest thing that you can all give~

In closing I sit back and will reflect on what had happened
and make sure that I learn from the mistakes that were made
so that if there is a next time I will be the one that will behave;
for all I can do is account for my indiscretions and learn from
all of those very hard lessons~

Now it is time for to say my ado's and just remember this that know
matter what I will always love you!


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