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Classic Family Poems by Famous Poets

To be part of a family is to be in a relationship. There is an opportunity for a closeness and trust that cannot occur outside family. With this possibility for closeness is the possibility of hatred and estrangement. It is not easy to maintain positive relationships with those that we are naturally closest to. There are tensions that exist between family members that are not present in other relationships. Being in close proximity means that you know a person's great attributes as well as their faults. Maintaining family relationships are a tremendous challenge.


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  1. Home And The Office

    Home is the place where the laughter should ring,
    And man should be found at his best.
    Let the cares of the day be as great as they may,
    The night has been fashioned for rest.

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  3. Father

    My father knows the proper way
    The nation should be run;
    He tells us children every day
    Just what should now be done.

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  4. The Stick-Together Families

    The stick-together families are happier by far
    Than the brothers and the sisters who take separate highways are.
    The gladdest people living are the wholesome folks who make
    A circle at the fireside that no power but death can break.

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    I was trying to come up with something to post on Facebook so my 2 sons could read it. They're 27 & 29 years old, and we're very close. I wanted to say something about family that would touch...

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  6. Only A Dad

    Only a dad, with a tired face,
    Coming home from the daily race,
    Bringing little of gold or fame,
    To show how well he has played the game,

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  7. Home

    It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home,
    A heap o' sun an' shadder, an' ye sometimes have t' roam
    Afore ye really 'preciate the things ye lef' behind,
    An' hunger fer 'em somehow, with 'em allus on yer mind.

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  8. The Little Boy And Old Man

    Said the little boy, sometimes I drop my spoon.
    Said the little old man, I do that too.
    The little boy whispered, I wet my pants.
    I do too, laughed the old man.

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  10. Life's Scars


    They say the world is round, and yet
    I often think it square,
    So many little hurts we get
    From corners here and there.

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  11. The Children's Hour

    Between the dark and the daylight,
    When the night is beginning to lower,
    Comes a pause in the day's occupations,
    That is known as the Children's Hour.

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  12. Mother To Son

    Well, son, I'll tell you:
    Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
    It's had tacks in it,
    And splinters,

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    Wow, that was awesome! One of the best poem I have ever read this year...

  13. The Good Little Boy

    Once there was a boy who never
    Tore his clothes, or hardly ever,
    Never made his sister mad,
    Never whipped fer bein' bad,

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