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Cricket is more than just a sport in India--it is a thread that unites a country of otherwise different states, customs and languages. The World Cup 2011 victory is a symbol, not only of our achievement but also of our celebration of the game that is played in every nook and alley in India. This is for every person who has felt a passion for the game, from the passive watchers to the active players

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The Road To Victory


Published: August 2011

In a land of dreams
A little boy
With a stick of wood
His scrawny arms
They swing to shoot.

In a country full
Of hopeful hearts
They stand as one
In whatever else
They have been apart.

A study in saffron
Their eager faces
Their palms of green
Raised to bless
Their sons of soil
And with them
They also toil.

The winning stroke
It blazes through
Victory at last
Has flown to our boys
On golden wings
Where every feather
Was perhaps the stone
From every little boy
In a very small lane
When his scrawny arms
They swung to shoot.

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