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Poem About The Transformative Power Of Writing

I wrote this poem a little while ago. It's about my dark times, the times I didn't want to be here. One of the things that pulled me out of it was my writing. I know it is something that means a lot to a lot of people. I have a lot of respect for poetry, and this poem is for other people like me.

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The Writer


Published by Family Friend Poems June 19, 2023 with permission of the Author.

She never liked to read,
Because she was always in her own head.
So she wrote of all the things she knew,
And made her own stories instead.

She wrote about what she knew,
Trying to describe her world.
She was so kind and gentle,
Just your average "broken" girl.

She wrote of things she hates
And reasons she wants to die.
But she eventually found joy in writing,
Once she wanted to be alive.

She used to write of broken friendships,
About the people she once called a friend.
She wrote about people who never meant anything.
Rock bottom almost saw her end.

She was in a bad place,
And any words would come out.
She made some stupid decisions;
Some crazy things she wrote about.

Her writing changed her life;
It shaped her happy ending.
The fact she wrote of reasons why
Helped her through her mending.

She worked to improve her life,
And she got some sleep at night.
For now, maybe her stories will help her,
Maybe they'll shed a little light.

So if she's having one of those days,
And she seems a little quiet
Give her a pencil and paper
And instead tell her to write about it

Because she probably can't think right now,
So give her a little time.
It's not her fault she thinks this way,
And it's also not a crime.

Everyone has bad days,
And she has them too,
So believe in the power of writing,
And she'll believe in you too.


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