Depression Poem

Poem About Depression And Pain

This poem is about the smile we let the world see while inside we are dying a little every day.

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I can relate. I've waited so long. I only want someone to care enough to look and take away my mask and see me for who I am. I've waited so long, but I've honestly given up.

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Behind The Mask


Published: February 2015

Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain,
Hiding the tears that fall like rain.
Saying I'm fine when I'm anything but.
This ache in my soul rips at my gut.
My skin is on fire; I burn from within.
The calm on my face is an ongoing sin.
The world must stay out; I've built up a wall.
My fragile lie will collapse should it ever fall.
Loneliness consumes me; it eats away the years
Until my life is swallowed by unending fears.
Waiting for someone to see I wear a mask
And care enough to remove it; is that too much to ask?



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  • by SapphireRose
  • 2 weeks ago

I can relate. I've waited so long. I only want someone to care enough to look and take away my mask and see me for who I am. I've waited so long, but I've honestly given up.

  • by Kirsten
  • 2 weeks ago

I am 15 years old, and I am constantly hiding myself. I am always behind a mask because no one in my family understands the pain that I am living through. When I was 9, my grandma died from cancer (smoking). It killed me. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would run away to her house when I was mad at my parents. She was my light. The second she left this world I put up a wall that no one to this day can break down and help me. I watched her take her painful and slow last breaths. It hurt me so much that I dropped to the floor and had a panic attack. I have severe depression, anxiety, and a lot more. Every day I wake up, I ask myself what is the point of being here? I am alone in this world. No one cares about me, not my parents not my sister, no one. I am looking for help but I cannot afford it. Please I know there are people out there who want to help. I just cannot find anyone.

  • by Bermudez Aspa Mae Quela, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines
  • 2 months ago

I can relate to this poem. You keep your cool and are happy outside, but you're in pain on the inside. Lots of people nowadays are victims and suffer from depression, but they still do their best to fake it, even if it kills you inside. So it's a great job that the author wrote this poem. It's very emotional.

  • by Felix Mophandle
  • 4 months ago

I really liked the poem. As someone who suffers from depression off and on, it describes what depression it like. It's not something I'd wish on anyone. Especially when taunted by "good days."

  • by Puseletso Rahlao
  • 4 months ago

Thank you so much for this poem. I'm now cheerful and stronger.

  • by Amanda
  • 6 months ago

This is such an amazing poem! I suffered from depression and tried to end my life because I thought that no one knew my pain. This poem really touched me, and now I know that other people feel the same way!! Thank you so much for this!

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 5 months ago

Thank you, Amanda. You are not alone in this. Stay strong, stay safe.

  • by Gabagail11
  • 7 months ago

I have had depression all my life, since I was like 10. It’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t have it, but in reality I feel everyone has depression in one way or another. I feel depressed a lot more days than others, and I try to do what I love when I’m depressed like listening to music, writing poems and stories, drawing. I use those things to help get me out of depression, but sometimes I just want to lie in bed and cry. I can’t help it. I would like someone to talk to about my depression, but no one wants to hear it. They think I’m making it up. The doctors have it in their files that I have depression, but I had it before they wrote it down. But the doctors don’t know how to help me with my depression.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 5 months ago

I'm glad you have found a way to cope, at least a little bit. Writing has always done wonders for me and at least taken to edge off sometimes. Depression is hard for people to understand when they don't have it. I heard it once described as, think of the worst pain imaginable multiply it by 100 then take away the cause of the pain. You're not alone.

  • by Samuel
  • 11 months ago

This poem describes my depression accurately. The line, "This ache in my soul rips at my gut," truly hit home. I feel like I, as so many others do, find myself going through the motions to appear normal, but inside I am confined to a lonely kingdom of sadness and despair. I feel so much guilt for feeling this way. My life certainly has not been the worst life ever, and I have many comforts that others in this world do not have. Yet I am consumed by anxiety, depression, and a longing to escape. What a beautiful poem.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 9 months ago

Thank you so much, Samuel. It can seem like such a vicious circle, feeling depressed and invisible then guilty knowing there are others worse off than you are. That guilt weighs on us, making us more depressed, making us guiltier, and round and round until we make ourselves sick. You are not alone my friend, try to stay strong. You are loved.

  • by Jessie Green
  • 1 year ago

Hey, I love this poem. It's amazing and speaks the words I fail to say. Love it. Thank you for submitting such a great poem! I'm very impressed.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 10 months ago

Thank you so much Jessie! I have found so many poems or songs that can communicate what it is I'm trying to say but can't, and I'm happy my poem can do that for someone else!

  • by Shane Hynd
  • 1 year ago

Hi Melisa, my name is Shane. I've been dealing with depression for about 10 years now. I spent some time in a rehab center for suicidal thoughts and actions. They said I have a chemical imbalance. I fight with my thoughts every day and they just don't go away. Every day is a battle. I calm myself with music because it's the only thing that really understands me. I read your poem and it's unreal and speaks some much truth. I was wondering if I could make a song with your poem. Please message me. Can't wait to hear back from you and hope you're having a great day.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 1 year ago

Do you know how badly I have wanted to collaborate with someone to put music to my stuff? It's something I have always wanted to do! If you turn it in to a song you have to share it with me!!! LOL I sing a lot and this would be amazing. There is another website that has more of my poetry that maybe if you wanted we could look at together and see if there is anything that catches your eye, and we could do something with. Let me know, I'd love to kick around ideas with you. It can be so therapeutic.

  • by Channing Gaddy
  • 1 year ago

I cried when I read this. This poem perfectly describes my repetitive days at middle school.

  • by Michael Adame
  • 1 year ago

Hi Channing, my name is Michael, and I'm in the 8th grade. I have been faced with depression since I was very young, about the age of 9 or 10. I am 14 now and I have tried to commit suicide twice. This poem means a lot to me. I know exactly how you feel because depression is a very hard thing to cope with. My parents abandoned me at 10 months for drugs. I was abused at the age of 1, and my adoptive dad beat me when I was 4. Bro, this stuff is hard. I actually write and listen to music to cope with my feelings. I don't always feel better, but sometimes I do. I also take pills to help with depression.

  • by Franchesca Mia R. Tortoza, Philippines, Antipolo City
  • 1 year ago

This poem is amazing and it is really something I can relate to. In school, I'm the one who is always bouncing cheerfully off the walls so no one knows my true tendencies. Keep writing; you're an amazing poet.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 1 year ago

Thank you so much. I know exactly what you mean about being cheerful! I tend to overcompensate the worse I feel. The more depressed I am, the more I crack jokes. It's like this twisted game we play with ourselves. We long to be noticed but are terrified of the spotlight. Thankfully I have that one friend who can see through all the walls I build and knows just how to make everything seem okay. I hope everyone can find a friend like that. Stay strong, my friend.

  • by Jeanne Follett
  • 1 year ago

I cried when I read your poem. I'm not sure which direction you were going with this, but with me, it hit dead on with my battle with bipolar, which I have been battling for over 20 years now. It's not just bipolar, however. From that other disorders branched off. I have panic, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD. Living with this and trying to keep them at bay has been the fight of my life. I have pushed away my own family so I would not "attack" them, so to say, during one of my episodes. I try to hurt them, as I hurt inside. They choose not to learn anything about my illness when I gave them things to read about it, trying to explain it is like trying to explain colors to a blind man. I have been to hell and back. The war I fight with the demons never ends. I no longer go anywhere, I stay at home, except for apts. I'm afraid to leave. No one understands what I'm going through. They only think that I have changed. How blind can they be? Afraid of me? Thanks for telling my story in your poem.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 1 year ago

Gosh, I know all about hiding yourself away to keep yourself, along with everyone else, safe. When I would explain how I felt to a certain member of my family, she acted like I had no right to feel that way. Like really? You can't tell me how to feel! That's when the wall came up and all the emotions hunkered down, because I was made to believe "feeling" was wrong. Living with a narcissist was my personal hell. Be strong. Together we can survive.

  • by Ana D'souza
  • 1 year ago

I am a girl of 15 and am depressed. This world is really cruel. I also write poems; this poem really touched me. I really wish for someone to open the mask and just look into my eyes and help me find me because I have lost myself. I am trying to find me, but I can't. This darkness wants me in, and I don't wanna betray her....

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 1 year ago

I'm sorry you feel this way, sweetie. You are right about this being a cruel world. The one thing I finally learned is I was stronger than I thought I was, and I bet you are, too. We need to find ourselves before others can find us. It may seem impossible, but the fact that you are trying to find yourself tells me you have some fight in you because you haven't given up. Once you realize how strong you really are you can go from the lost girl to helping others fight the darkness. Let the fire burning within drive you, not consume you. It will take strength you may think you don't have, but you can do it. Remember you are not alone. You are NEVER alone!

  • by Rob Sidebottom
  • 1 year ago

I am 53, married, and successful, but my job increasingly takes me away from my family Monday through Friday. Each Monday becomes more of a struggle as my mind contemplates a week of loneliness. This poem so reflects my feelings during those days as I put on the mask for my work colleagues and customers.

Thank you for putting into words the feeling I struggle to express to those around me. I always have the weekends to look forward to, but each week on Monday morning I feel I die a little more. But I see Friday on the horizon.

  • by Demigod1125
  • 2 years ago

This is the story of my time in the school I go to. Everyone sees me as a freak, or as just a shadow. I am shoved, walked away from, and even stepped on but no one even seems to care. Sometimes I start to think I'm a freak, or diseased because of all of the people that leave me.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 1 year ago

I know how you feel about being a shadow! Too many times people would look right through me. Those that should have known me the best, like family, didn't know me at all. I had to become my own champion. Only when I was strong enough to see my worth, that's when everyone else could too. You're not a freak; you are stronger than you realize. You just need someone to have faith in you. You are not alone! Have courage; I believe in you!

  • by Irene Wanjiku
  • 1 year ago

That's what happened to me in elementary school. I hated everyone for treating me the way they did, but it reaches a point where you just get exhausted by your own feelings.

It reached a point where I just wanted to stop breathing for a sec to get away from all I felt and then come back to life later. I just sat down and decided to be carefree. And started praying about it.

My point is you are not alone. I felt the same way and actually grew out of it, and I'm still growing. Just let them be. Never apologize for being you.

  • by Millie Weke
  • 2 years ago

Born in the ghetto, going to bed without food, raped 6 times, hated by family and relatives for raising my voice, wearing torn clothes, using unused clothes as a sanitary pads, not having anyone who can listen to me, everyone isolating me, alone still I am. My life is a survival for the fittest, My SMILE hides alot & it keeps me moving. Proud to be a Survivor.....

  • by Andrew Strom
  • 2 years ago

I understand this so well. Too well. I wish I had someone who could see the mask I wear, who could see who I really am underneath, because I don't know. I wish I knew. I wish I could know who I truly am under all the layers of my screwed up mind, who I'm supposed to be.

To whomever is reading this: If you already know how to be yourself, take that and run with it. Run and hide and don't ever let anyone take it away from you. Who you truly are is where happiness lies, and there is nothing more valuable than that. Be yourself and stay that way, because when you hide behind a mask for long enough, you forget who you were underneath.

  • by Broken1023
  • 2 years ago

I fake a smile, a laugh, and my happiness at school is to hide that I am truly broken inside. I am still waiting for that one person to come and notice my fake smile and maybe help me smile for real again.

  • by Jason
  • 2 years ago

This poem describes me perfectly. In my time of need, I didn't have a friend that was close to me, a friend whom I would be able to trust wholeheartedly. I wasn't able to express my feelings and let it all out. Instead, I had to keep it all in, constantly wearing a mask hiding my true feelings and my true self. The pain slowly, and gradually began to build up. I believed that a day would come where I would break down, and be crushed by the weight of my true feelings. But instead, I started to grow accustomed to the pain and the loneliness. There have been plenty of moments in my life where I have felt empty inside, like a void. I didn't feel anything occupying the space. No feelings, no emotions, I just felt completely empty. Currently as I am writing this, I feel like this. There have been events where I normally would have been overwhelmed by my feelings. But because of how I am as of now, the events had no impact on me. Even now I yearn for someone to take off my mask and save me.

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 1 year ago

There is nothing as heartbreaking as someone who has grown accustomed to pain and loneliness. Being numb may seem like a protection at first, but I wish we could realize just how truly dangerous it can be to ourselves. Then maybe we would stop it before it ever got to that point. It took me many years to realize just how strong and resilient I really was, enough to thaw my emotions, and I tell you it HURT! But after it hurt, it made me STRONG! We are our own greatest enemies. If we can slay ourselves, then we can become our own greatest champion. After that happens, we can remove the mask and save ourselves, because only when we can truly see ourselves, can anyone else truly see us.

  • by Aidan Conway
  • 2 years ago

This poem is just... God, how do I say it? It's perfect in every sense. In every way shape and form. I know the pain, I just hope you get better oh so soon. I'm going into high school and I've tried to take my life 4 times. I'll share my story on how I got depressed. Let's go back in time to 6th grade. I have all honors classes and I'm generally liked by people. I have extreme ADHD that isn't diagnosed yet and I have a very hard time focusing. My honors s.s teacher holds me after class everyday to tell me how I'm not good enough for any honors classes. Fast foreword to now. My girlfriend helped me push through the last of my depression and I'm going into all honors classes and AP World History at my school. I know I'm weak, only being depressed for 2 years but trying to take my life 4 times. You are perfect. You are the most important person ever to me. Every time you want to self harm remember reading this and how sad I would be knowing you were murdered by your demons. Please...

  • by Melisa Poet
  • 2 years ago

What a good example you are! You may feel broken yet you continue to work hard in school, bravo! At such a young age, if writing has taught you to work hard, then you have a bright future, possibly in writing. One thing that my love of writing spread to was theater. ( After all the ancient Greeks literally wore masks while performing ) Being able to be someone else entirely was exactly what I wanted, I used to pick my favorite character from a play ( I loved musicals ) and think about my feelings as if I were them and what they would say or do, it became sort of a game and would take my mind off my troubles at least for a little while. I can only imagine the sounds coming from my bedroom as I spoke a dramatic monologue or sang a show stopping number to myself lol.
You may be hurting right now, but you seem to be handling this with maturity and not using it as an excuse or reason to fail. You are not alone dear!

  • by Rawan Z. Alsayed
  • 2 years ago

I feel like that everyday. So at the end I write. I write till my hands hurt but because I write the pain of my heart lessens just enough to go through another day.

Writing is a blessing given to me. I plan on keeping it.

  • by Kat, Chicago
  • 2 years ago

I'm glad the author of this poem has found writing! Writing for oneself soothes the soul. I hope that people will ask for help when suffering from depression. Hiding feelings and suffering in silence doesn't help anyone.

  • by Caitlyn, Australia
  • 2 years ago

I am a 14 year old and I am living in a world of masks. I am hiding every day. I do not know how to get someone to take mine off. Everyone I know is blind. Blind because they do not really want to know what pain is really rising up in me. I ache every single day thinking no one cares. No one loves me.
Writing took my mind off this. I write now, I work hard in school even though I still have the mask on. Writing takes me to the world where my mask is gone and all that there is, is me. Writing has taught me to try your best even though you are hurting inside.

  • by Ashley Case
  • 3 months ago

Keep writing. It's a great way to get your feeling out. I do it often, and it has always helped.

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