Hope Poem

Poem About Identity And The Masks We Wear

This poem delves into the theme of identity and emotions. The inner turmoil and struggle to find the suitable emotional response to the day is depicted through the metaphor of masks.

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To Choose A Mask

© more by Evangeline King

Published by Family Friend Poems January 16, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I sat at my dresser this morn
And opened the bottom drawer
To try and find which mask to wear
That I hadn't worn the day before
Will today I be a temptress
Or should I be a clown
Should I put on a face that smiles
Am I in the mood for a frown
I sifted through each individual one
Unable to decide
Which one should I wear
Which one would my mood abide
I passed right over melancholy
And quickly flipped by depressed
Sadness did not suit me
Overjoyed just wasn't the best
Angry didn't make the cut
Flirtatious called my name
But I decided against it
Not feeling like playing games
I picked up sort of tearful
But cast it quickly aside
I laughed at dry sarcasm
Didn't even look at snide
So which mask should I wear today
Which one will suit me best
Since I can't decide on one
I think I'll just wear BLESSED


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