Valentine Poem to Husbands

Poem Tribute For Valentine's Day

I wrote this for my husband in honor of Valentine's Day.

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Does this mean you are now married, Patricia? Another great poem. -Ann

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To My Valentine And Husband

Patricia A Fleming © more by Patricia A Fleming

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2022 with permission of the Author.

The years have passed on Rocky Mountains.
It's been a steep and harrowing climb.
Along the way we've lost our footing.
We've faced the best and worst of times.

We know each other inside and out,
Each secret, sin and scar.
We accept those flaws and frailties,
Who we've been and who we are.

With you, I've laughed the hardest.
For you, I've shed the biggest tears.
You've been my comfort at the saddest times,
And you've kept me safe from all my fears.

We have shared our love of nature,
The falling snow and rolling seas.
We've hiked through wending, forest trails
In a chilly autumn breeze.

We've traveled to the mountain tops,
We glided ore' the ocean's waves.
We stood before the New York skyline
And watched a million sunsets fade.

You've been there through all my losses.
It was you who helped me cope.
And I've been right there by your side
When you've needed me the most.

We've struggled through the bad times
By clinging to the good.
The fact that love could sometimes be hard work
Was a truth we always understood.

Yes, the years have passed so quickly.
Another Valentine's Day is here.
And I'm writing you these heartfelt words,
Which are honest and sincere.

We've weathered every single storm
And still we rose again.
I've loved you now for half my life,
And I will love you till the end.


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Does this mean you are now married, Patricia? Another great poem. -Ann

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