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Innocence Robbed In Childhood

Starting at the very young age of 6 years old, my innocence was robbed from me. But my story doesn't end there, because I was not only sexually abused but I was also physically abused, as well as mentally and emotionally abused. The two people whom I was supposed to feel safe around, to trust, and to keep me safe, were my worst nightmare as a child. I was forced to grow up too fast. I was a slave to my adopted parents evil gratification. I was trapped under evil's demise.

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Trapped Under Evil's Demise

Jenny M Frye ©

Published by Family Friend Poems March 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I was just an innocent child, so pure and so fragile,
Unaware of the darkness lurking, ready to defile.
Trapped under evils' demise, in a world so vile,
Where shadows danced with malice, leaving me frozen in fear.

My Innocence was like a fragile flower, I blossomed with delight,
Unaware of the lurking storms, that would consume my light.
But as I grew, the storms raged with fury and fright,
And I found myself caged in a dark world of terror.

My home became my battlefield, my innocence was lost,
Where hearts turned cold and bitter, I paid a high cost
I watched my innocence wither, like petals in frost,
And evil's wicked laughter echoed through my ears.

But deep within my soul, a spark of hope remained,
A flicker of innocence, a light that still sustained.
Although the world was cruel, and darkness held me in chains,
I refused to let evil's grip keep me in chains, I have prevailed!


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