Broken Friendship Poem

This was written for two of my best friends.

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This poem represents me and my friend. We were inseparable like we were stuck together with glue. Then she started hanging out with other girls and started to leave me behind. I tried to end...

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Walk Away


Published: August 2010

I watch you walk away from me
And the tears start to fall
I ask myself a million times
How did we lose it all???
For the first time I had no words
that to you I could say
I cling to old memories
And I watch you walk away
I just don't want to let you go
But inside I know I must
My heart's whimpering with pain
But it's my mind I trust
There's confusion around me
There's numbness in my heart
But looking at you walk away
My world just fell apart
If only I could handle it
And bear to just say
I'd use my breath and say the words

Don't Walk Away!!!

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  • by Nikala Kalolo
  • 1 year ago

This poem represents me and my friend. We were inseparable like we were stuck together with glue. Then she started hanging out with other girls and started to leave me behind. I tried to end our friendship but I just couldn't. The she started sending me these heart-breaking messages that I read during class. I started to cry. There was a pain in my chest at that moment. Memories of me and her flashed before me. I knew it was the end for me and her.

  • by Torie
  • 3 weeks ago

I know how you feel. I've been in the same situation with my friend. It was sad.

  • by Puppy-Lover927
  • 4 years ago

Well this is happening to me where my best friend is hanging out with this other girl now and last year in school we were inseparable like peanut butter and jelly. We did everything together and now she won't even talk to me. I ask "is everything okay" and she says I'm fine. I think we are slipping apart. We would tell each other everything and now when I see her and say a casual "hi how are you" she just says eh, hi.

  • by George Kimberley, South-Africa
  • 4 years ago

This poem helped me with a problem I had with one of my close friend. We started the weekend of full of joy and smiles she was actually falling for me and I blew it my one and only chance but still this poem helped me to get back my friendship

  • by Louisa
  • 5 years ago

When I started at high school, I became quick best friends with a girl, and we had an incredibly close bond, we could talk to each other about everything, we were together all the time. She meant a lot to me. Suddenly, after almost two years, she said that it had become too much for her and changed school.. This is only six months ago and it was absolutely terrible for me. I cried every day after school, and sometimes I cry yet when I look at pictures and videos of the of us when we laugh and have a good time. We've been together a little bit after that, but it will never be the same, now we slipped apart. We went from being like sisters to become almost strangers: s I love this poem <3

  • by Daira, Texas
  • 5 years ago

I thought I had found the perfect friend.. we were like sisters we shared everything she decided to end our friendship, This is my first summer with out her. It still hurts when I think about her, I have dreams were we are friends again but then I wake up and feel empty inside. She decided to end our friendship because of the cleavage on my shirt she said I was showing to much and told me I didn't know how to respect myself but I did. I asked everyone what they thought of me and what they said was nothing to what she said. When I look back I can't fight the tears. I miss her but I guess its for the best.

  • by Amber
  • 5 years ago

Mili, I love the poem It reminds of a couple weeks back when I was walking with my friend and she turned to me and said "I don't want to be friends anymore" I stared her in the eyes and asked "You're joking?" She said no but when I asked her why she just looked at me and then walked away! I was heart-broken we had been friends for 6 years!!

  • by Kase
  • 6 years ago

This poem reminds me of when I first started to go to an online school. At my old school I had all kinds of friend. And now that I go to an online school they won't even say hi to me in a store. This poem describes what I felt when my friends decided that they didn't want to be friends anymore.

  • by Wendy
  • 6 years ago

I agree with Mizzy it hurts a lot when you lose a friend. And it hurts more when you look back and see the laughs and good times you had with them, but then you come back to what really is and they aren't there anymore. I recently lost my best friend of 9 almost 10 years. But she didn't walk away, I did. I did it because I have to let her go. I don't want to because its hurting me so much but us being friends, or how I feel it is now me pretending to be friends just isn't working out anymore and I just have to let go.
Amazing Poem Mili :)

  • by Kaz, Clontarf
  • 7 years ago

I gave my life to a very special someone. Unfortunately, I am a person that wears my heart on my sleeve and people see that and take advantage of my trust. This time...I know it was unintentional, but I believe that when you give someone your keep it.

  • by Melissa, Nottinghamshire
  • 7 years ago

When I started my very first day at primary school, I became really close friend's to this girl. Throughout those years up until secondary school we were inseparable. Now it's nothing, not even a word!
This poem is lovely!.
Just like my side x

  • by Mizzy
  • 7 years ago

Yes this poem has touched me because I also have had friendship problems in the past and know how it hurts. When you lose a special friend. The pain is in fact hard and sometimes unbearable especially when you look back at your good times and compare them to your bad ones.

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