Broken Friendship Poem

We don't always know the reason why friendships are severed, but one thing is for sure, it leaves a void in those who were part of it.

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I met Melissa in third grade. We became inseparable. We met our first real boyfriends on the beach the summer after freshman year. I soon broke up with mine because he was pressuring me to...

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A Friendship Lost


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007 with permission of the Author.

I remember the time not long ago
When we laughed and shared it all.
We were the very best of friends,
Or at least that's what I thought.
I often wonder why friendships end.
What happens to sever that tie?
How can someone once so close
Just wave you off with a goodbye?
I must have been lacking.
I must have been wrong.
I wasn't the friend to you
That you were to me all along.
I thought I was loyal.
I know I was true,
But something went wrong.
Now there's nothing to do.
A friendship lost
Is a very sad thing.
The angels weep instead of sing.


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  • Alexis Popp by Alexis Popp
  • 1 year ago

I was playing a game in 4th grade when someone asked me to be on their team. I accepted and we started talking. We emailed each other every day. I got to know her. We did this art game together. One day I told her and my other online friends that I was quitting the art game. Since I was older, I had much more on my mind than art. She got mad at me on the game and was yelling at me. Now she won't answer my emails, she won't call or text me, and she won't answer me on the game. I lost my only true friend. I cried every night.

  • Dylan by Dylan
  • 1 year ago

I met Espe in 2nd grade. We became friends, and around 5th grade, I had to move, and I lost connection with her. Around 7th grade, I got back in touch with her. We texted and face-timed a lot, and around freshman year we started hanging out.

The first time we hung out, it was awkward. We were both really nervous to finally see each other after a long time, but two of her sisters were there too. I had an amazing time with her and her sisters. The second time we hung out was at her house with her family. I had more fun, and her mom told me, “Don’t be scared of me. You’re part of our family now.”

We hung out some more, and I got close with her family. On the day before and the day of Halloween, we hung out. It was fun. The day before, we went to a church event, and the day of we went and walked around and watched movies. The last time I hung out with her was at her birthday party. I had so much fun. The thing is, Espe was like a sister to me. She helped me through so many hard times and helped keep me from giving up.

I helped her too. I really loved her. She was amazing, one of a kind, and a ray of sunshine. Like you, I don’t know how much she meant to me. I thought we would be friends throughout our lives, but I messed it up, and she didn’t want anything to do with me. I tried to apologize and make it up to her, but it didn’t work. It broke me losing her. It was the worst. I wouldn’t wish this, even upon my enemies. Even to this day, it hurts like hell, but I hope she’s happy and that she knows I will always love her and she will always be my number one. I’m a sophomore now. I would give up anything to get her back. I really would.

  • Amara Singh by Amara Singh
  • 2 years ago

I met Melissa in third grade. We became inseparable. We met our first real boyfriends on the beach the summer after freshman year. I soon broke up with mine because he was pressuring me to become more involved. Mel continued seeing his friend though and got friendly with his older crowd. One Saturday, I ran into her mom who thought that Mel was with me. I tried covering, but I'm a pathetic liar. Her parents put Mel on restriction and removed her phone privileges. I didn't see Mel at all that summer. No one did. When I called, her mom or dad would say she wasn't allowed to talk but would tell her I called. I called lots to let Mel know that she wasn't forgotten. When school resumed, Mel wouldn't talk to me and wouldn't hear an apology. A month later, Mel shot herself with her dad's gun. She left a note saying she wanted all her things thrown away. That was all, no explanation, no goodbye. Mel is always going to be 16 and my best friend. I've mourned her 33 years and miss her every day.

  • Grace by Grace
  • 5 years ago

I have many best friends one of them I met at soccer. We went to different elementary schools but then when it was time for middle school we went to the same one. We both ended up liking the same boy. The boy liked both of us but ended up choosing me. That kind of destroyed our friendship, but then it recovered - at least that's was what I thought. She will barely talk to me anymore. I tried apologizing many times, but I don't think she cares. I'm not really sure what to do because I feel like she's just doing this for drama. My other friends choose her over me, so now I only have 2 real friends that are girls and who are my best friends.

  • Cherry Johnson by Cherry Johnson
  • 7 years ago

I just lost all my friends today. One of them was because she accused me of yelling at her, and the other was because she thought it would be best if we weren't friends anymore.

  • Jamari Young by Jamari Young
  • 7 years ago

I’ve known this girl since 7th grade. We started to talk more in the summer, and we just got closer and closer until we were best friends. We would always talk and laugh and do everything together, but now I stopped being her friend, and I realize how much I miss her. She is always hanging out with her other friends, even though she told me that, “You’re the only one I can trust and the only one I can tell my feelings to because you listen to me and you understand me. Nobody else understands me like you do.” And now she looks at me like she’s never seen me before in her life. She laughs and talks to other people that she hangs out with. I told her that I miss her and she even said it too. But the thing is she doesn’t know that I like her as a girlfriend, at least not yet. Even though we stopped being friends, I can’t explain why I like her.

  • Anna Hicks by Anna Hicks
  • 7 years ago

I lost my two very best friends today. Apparently they had been going to each other's houses and hanging out behind my back (which is totally fine). And had been for at least three weeks and they decided that they did not want me to be their friend anymore. I was so confused and lost because I had known one of them for 6 years and then the other one I had met 2 years ago. And just this year I invited them to a party and they became great friends. We all did. And then they started telling each other their secrets (when did that start happening?). When they started telling each other their secrets they stopped telling me. And now they tell me they were talking about me and decided that they don't want anything to do with the person who brought them together. Their first best friend is now their ex best friend.

  • Minacielo Villanueva by Minacielo Villanueva
  • 7 years ago

I feel you... I've been with them for almost 5 years. We were buddies during freshmen, then added one during sophomore and another one during junior years. I was the first friend, the constant and always there for her. I brought us together, but then came a time where my schedule didn't fit with theirs and they spent together more time than with me in it. We started planning our future and goals together. But now they go to malls without even telling me, have secrets of their own with each other, they even have a group chat without me... where did they leave me? Here I am, still going with them during my free time and trying to catch up to them. Does it make me miserable?

  • Tanya, Germany by Tanya, Germany
  • 7 years ago

We were friends for over 15 years. We went to high school together, to vocational school, we went on trips together, and we shared so many experiences, mutual friends, countless laughter. There's no one I can laugh with like that. It used to exclude everyone else. We talked about men and relationships. Now we haven't spoken in 8 years. And I can never really get over it. I was insensitive and I should have seen what was going on with her. But the walls around her fooled me like everyone else. I should have seen. I am so sorry about that. But she just cut contact with me. Just like that. I was never able to explain my side of the story. So it lingers on. And on. And I don't know how she was able to do that. Kick me out of her life like that. We share memories that can't be erased. It's one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me. I wish I could understand it.

  • Matt Pohl by Matt Pohl, Wisconsin
  • 9 years ago

I used to have many good friends... until one day I seemed to disappear in their lives. I mean.. we never hung out much... but just talked a lot and they... respected me. I mean right now there is only one person i can depend on... the most beautiful girl in the world. I am not complaining. I am so happy she can be in my life. But I wonder why she hangs on... when no one else does. I want to be with her forever, but the stress of the classroom and having no friends is tearing me apart. I cried in class a few days ago... and barely anyone asked if I was ok. Every day it gets worse and worse and I barely even want to go to school. But I have learned and said in my mind that someday things will get better, and I will get that best friend. But for now, I have learned that you should keep your head up, and maybe find a hobby to keep your mind off your loneliness. In the meantime, try to be a respectful, caring person, and let the friend come to you, dont try to force a friendship. Keep your head up. Someone will come in to your life.

  • Shannon by Shannon, Mukilteo WA
  • 9 years ago

This reminds me of a best friend I once had, we were close friends through school and even into life after high school, she went away a few times but called me back into her life and a few years ago she without notice or even telling me and being up front with me just up and decided to ignore me and cut me out of her life. I tried to figure it out and all I got was " I choose not to talk to you" Well after feeling hurt and a great loss in my life I decided she is not worth the time to even think of her name anymore, just a bad distant memory, only problem is she really hurt my mom's feelings, and I cannot put up with that so good riddance to you. I miss the real friendship we once shared. May life be good to you but never darken my door step ever again.

  • Lilo by Lilo
  • 10 years ago

I'm going through a broken friendship for two months now it is the saddest thing for me right now. I never thought it would end this way. I love my friend but she won't reply to my mail. I don't know how to stop the pain of losing my best friend.

  • Emily by Emily, New York
  • 10 years ago

I had a REALLY good friend, who I considered a second mother. She was one of the few people I could go to about literally EVERYTHING. This woman knew everything about me, things my "best" friends didn't even know. At one time I was over her house more than my own. I looked for excuses to hang out with her, she understood me, cared about me, BELIEVED in me, taught me to believe in myself.

Then one day things changed. She started only seeing my mistakes, and not my good qualities. We talked things over once, and she said it will take her awhile to trust me again, but we can work it out. 2 months later she heard from a mutual friend about something I did. I was wrong, and I fully admit it. But what angers me is how she deleted me off Facebook and from her life, without even talking to me and hearing the full story. She never gave me the benefit of the doubt. That hurts. We haven't talked in almost 6 months, and I still miss her, but I'm afraid to work things out, and get hurt again :(

  • Jayme by Jayme, Grass Valley
  • 10 years ago

My husband and I had a very dear friend for many years. His 50th birthday was coming up and we were to spend it in Las Vegas. There were probably 10-12 of us going. My husband and I had our airline tickets and deposit for the hotel all ready to go. We had to cancel because we were about to close on purchasing a house and had to stay home and provide a ton of paper work for the underwriter and loan agent. We only have 12 days left before close of escrow and had to get it done or we would have lost the home. Not to mention driving over 100 miles to also do paper work. ANYWAY he did not understand the circumstances of witch we were undergoing. He has chosen to not understand as a real friend would do and shut us out of his life. And in turn with that I have lost a great girl friend because of this. His wife and I were close as well.

  • Cherokee Summers by Cherokee Summers, Oklahoma
  • 10 years ago

Since my best friend got a boyfriend she has stopped talking to me and doesn't speak to me and I miss her so much. I try to talk to her but she just walks away with her boyfriend and she can't see I miss our friendship!

  • Katie by Katie, USA
  • 10 years ago

I can't talk to my best friend anymore. She won't tell me what's going on, and I don't know how to ever get her back. I'm not sure if I even want to anymore. She does this periodically. We will have some silly argument, or she will see me doing something that she doesn't like, or I won't do anything wrong at all! But she would ignore me, not talk to me, deliberately look away from me. This time though, she has been going around telling people in my school that we are not friends anymore, and she won't tell them (or me) why. This has been going on for three months now, and I am sick and tired of putting up with it anymore. I just don't know what to do to get her to stop.

  • Ketha by Ketha, Florida
  • 10 years ago

This poem touched me so much that it caused tears to fall down my checks. I miss my ex-best friend so much. We did everything together. I will spend the weekend at her house and she will come to mine too. We did each other hair. We hold hands while we had deep conversations. She knew my life like a book. She was my sister. But all that was over when we got into the most pity argument ever. I just wish we can be sisters again because I really do miss her. Now I have this void in my life. None of my other friends can take her place. We shared the same friends and they used to seeing us together. When I see her she pretends to not care and I do the same. We are both wearing a mask. Our relationship is truly broken and gone.

  • Destiny by Destiny, Asheboro
  • 10 years ago

I had a best friend, August/25/2013 would have made 8 years. That's a lot of memories, tears, laughs and special times to spend with someone. We dated for 2 years and he moved somewhere else had to change schools and everything but anyways we broke up but decided to stay friends and it worked out... it wasn't to long ago that he called me and started cussing at me for no reason, come to find out his girlfriend made him call me and tell me he didn't want to talk to me anymore because he would call me at night and text me and all that and she got mad because of that, but she has to understand we're the ones that were friends long before she came along. I had no problem with her until she made him call me and cuss at me. I just don't know how to cope with just forgetting everything we had. I can't just forget nothing ever happened. He said he'd never leave my side. Him not caring at all anymore hurts me every second, but there's not a day that goes by where I don't think about me and him and the times we have I have so many pictures of us TOGETHER...SMILING... he will always be my best friend to me... I LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM SO MUCH

  • Todd by Todd, Africa
  • 10 years ago

I have (had) a friend, almost 4 years and she is (was) my bestfriend, she moved far to study and we lost contact. I tried keeping it going, I did but I failed. She returned 5 months ago, didn't tell me. I met her in a mall. Excited maybe I'd have my friend back, she has changed so much. Drinking, partying, dressing like some sex worker.
I tried organizing time so we could sit and catch up, everytime she'd cancel merely 2 hours before our proposed time.
I've lost her, and it hurts too much but I'll still welcome her when she comes around. I really miss her. Friendship is just as fragile I guess. Beautiful poem.

  • Varun by Varun
  • 10 years ago

I had a best friend in my college days, but I lost her. I don't know what happened between us. We used to be in same class, we talked to each other one day. Suddenly, one day, she stopped talking to me. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was in a relationship and didn't want to me. I miss her and wonder why girls behave differently when love comes to their life. Now I lost my best friend.

  • Natashia by Natashia
  • 11 years ago

I had the best friend in the world he would move the world for me and I lost him out of my life a week ago and I am lost without him. I let a man control my life and just ran him off and I have done so much to get him back into my life I would do anything but a lot is my fault. I did a lot of bad things in our relationship and it took him to leave for me to see what was going on if I could just read my case to him he was much more to me but I never wanted to show emotion and now when he seeing and hearing what I am saying it's like a joke to him. I hurt him but now he's hurting me. I just want you back I promise will not hurt you.....

  • Lynn by Lynn, USA
  • 11 years ago

I lost my best friend too. I am so lost. I don't know what to do. I don't want to do anything. My best friend didn't die, but we were friends for 7 years. He went to boot camp and I was writing him letters and we texted when possible. One night I got a call from his wife! Not only he did not tell me he was married, but I asked several times if he had anyone and he said he was alone. His wife said not to talk to him anymore. So in one phone call I learned that my best friend had been lying to me and that he was gone. I feel so hurt and there is nothing I can do. I don't even know why he wouldn't tell me he had someone! We were just friends.

  • Cuty by Cuty
  • 11 years ago

I don't know what's going on b/w me and my one and only best guy friend ever..
We care for each other too much..
It is most probably going to on love way..
We both know that we love each other somewhere in our hearts but no one of us dare to show that to another..
Due to this we are losing somewhere each other.. We are not in contact since last 5 months..

  • Ayeshwini by Ayeshwini
  • 11 years ago

I had a best friend... I loved him so much but one day just like that wham! he started ignoring me,.. I have no clue what I've done.. I don't know what's happening .. I'm so confused and heartbroken... this poem suits my feelings right... I miss him.. A lot... :(

  • Tsoe by Tsoe, USA
  • 11 years ago

Wow, it hurts. We talked through the tough times. I supported her in her career. I guided her & stood by her side. She would tell me I was a father figure to her and for 3 years I treated her like the daughter I never had. Then it was gone. For the last 6 months she couldn't find time to even have a cup of coffee with me. I wonder if she knows how much it hurts to be brushed aside? I feel like a fool saying how much this hurts me, but I don't know if I should tell her? I don't want her to spend time with me out of guilt.

  • Anna by Anna, St. Pete
  • 11 years ago

I lost my best friend a few weeks ago because his wife threw a fit over a project we were involved in together. Jealous, needy, selfish woman. He callously cut all ties with me leaving me all alone with a bunch of stuff we initiated together. I never thought he could do something like this to me. My worst enemies never did this much damage to my life like he did with his abrupt departure. I feel used and like an idiot. I would trust that guy with my life. He left without much ado. I'm such an idiot. I sent him a message wishing him all the best things in life so we wouldn't part in anger and so we could get back together again one day but he didn't even care to answer.

  • Ridima by Ridima, India
  • 11 years ago

Very nice poem..!!!
One month ago I lost permission to talk to my guy friend...
My parents first thought he is my boyfriend but now they think if we chat regularly we should be in love one day..
That's why they restrict me to talk him..;-(

  • Amanda by Amanda
  • 11 years ago

I had a bestfriend that I fell in love with.. came back to school this year, we have no classes together.. we're growing apart. Like, I have no idea who he is, just a lost friendship.. I miss him more than anything <3

  • Charlotte Nc by Charlotte Nc
  • 12 years ago

I had a best friend that was tight and close and we shared everything together. But now after 4 years of being friends he has decided to move on and that hurts kind of knowing it is my fault. I've cried knowing he is gone forever. I called him my big brother but now I don't know what to do or what to say to him. BFF gone forever.

  • Oakland by Oakland, Ca
  • 12 years ago

I feel the same way also , me and my bestfriend had been friends for 5 yrs, and now we barely talk. Just, here and there. And it hurts sooooo much! I miss her, so much., we even call each other sisters. I just don't understand how it came to an end. I guess good things don't last forever.

  • Ravi Dahiya by Ravi Dahiya, Haryana
  • 12 years ago

I had a best friend but now he left me alone in my pain and emptiness. He was the one who promised me not to leave alone, he was the one who promised me to make me smile for each second he stayed with me and he was the one who really cared for me and he was the one who really understood who I was and he was the one who taught me the meaning of friendship but he left me now and the mistake was mine and I just wish that he comes back...................

  • Me by Me, My Home
  • 12 years ago

I feel terrible. We used to be so close, we used to hang out all the time, we used to call each other, or text each other...And in the past 5 months, things have changed. We rarely even talk, he spends way more time with people he just met months ago, he acts as if they are closer and way more important than I am. It's not how it used to be just 10 months ago, or before. And it really hurts. I tried to talk to him, more than once, but there are no results. It may sound weird, since we're guys, but friends=family to me. I just want a true friend, someone I can trust to. And I really thought of him like a brother.

  • Alex by Alex, Usa
  • 12 years ago

I have never had a true best friend. I have people that I sometimes follow around and call my "friends" but if anything were to happen they would just go on with their life like nothing has happened. But anyways I feel sad when I move at first because I think I'm loosing my "friends" but then I realize that they never call me or text me back.. It's like I have been deleted from there life. I am pretty used to having people use me and pretend to be my friend... So I'm over it after a day...

  • Cooke by Cooke
  • 12 years ago

In middle school I had this friend called Chloe. She grow on me and became my best friends! We always used to say 'friends till the end' but no when we started high school we were still friends then! but as the year went she started to ignore me and she grew closer to an other person! I think to myself right at this moment that she doesn't even know I exist! days go past without a smile from her! not even a hello or goodbye! so I'm guess it is time to move on! but always remember the memories we had! :(

  • Dando by Dando, Uk
  • 12 years ago

I had a great friend for 12-13 years. Growing up, riding, dogs, I was her bridesmaid. We had so much in common. I never for an instant thought we would never be friends. I haven't heard from her for nearly 30 years. What went wrong? How did we go from friends to strangers? I have no idea. The last time we spoke she told me she wasn't very good at staying in touch and didn't have anything else to say. We have gone our different ways now, but I miss my old friend. I have never had closure about why she did what she did. I would love to write to her or hear from her but am too frightened to take the step. Hindsight and getting older give us perspective but damn, I still have no idea why she just cut me off completely. So sad

  • Angela by Angela, West Virginia
  • 12 years ago

I loved this poem! It is exactly how I feel. My friend and I got into a fight earlier in the school year. She told me that I need to stop alienating others and stop excluding them from things we do. I tried to tell her that I hadn't left her or anyone else out of things. She must not have remembered that I asked her if she wanted to do the same things that I ask the rest of my friends if they wanted to do. She told me NO each time. Its almost the end of the school year and we haven't said four words to each other since the beginning of the school year. Its really sad because I really do miss her.):

  • Jim by Jim, Tampa Florida
  • 12 years ago

Marc and I have been friends for 29 years. Now it's over. People change and so does life. I never ever thought anything like this could happen. I tell people I could care less. But deep down I wish I had my friend back. The only reason why I post this? Because I can't talk to anyone else. I have other friends. Many to tell you the truth. But none like Marc. God please forgive me for not making this right.

  • Jacob by Jacob, New York U.S.A.
  • 12 years ago

I had a friend named Nicole and we were really close but then she started dating someone. We went to prom together and it was the best thing that ever happened to me but 2 days ago almost 1 year after prom I had to end the friendship because her boyfriend was getting jealous about how close we were. I had a picture of us on a social network as my profile pic and he got really mad and instead of him asking me to take it off my profile he decided to take it out at her and yell and throw a fit toward her. Instead of me taking it out on this guy I decided to end the friendship because I have a high respect for this girl and I didn't want to cause problems between the two of them. I feel I did the right thing but I feel really bad about it.

  • Lauren by Lauren
  • 12 years ago

I can relate to this so much! My friend used to hate this girl in my school and now their best friends. She's replaced me and it's the worst feeling ever! She keeps telling me that there's still room for me but when I make an effort she just dismisses me like I'm nothing... Now I'm losing my best guy friend... I don't know how to get them back...

  • Dylan by Dylan, England.
  • 12 years ago

This is so true! I used to have a best mate of 5 years but now he has cut me off and ditched me for a munter (Briticism for ugly girl) that he has only known for a few days! Grrrrrrrr! I feel like hurting people! Oh, that's why I play rugby! :)

  • Giovanna by Giovanna, Massachusetts
  • 13 years ago

I can relate to this . :'( , my bestfriend and me got into a fight because she was hanging out with my worst enemy , and then she cut me off for her , and I was left empty handed..

  • Kath by Kath, Philippines
  • 13 years ago

What a wonderful poem. I really can relate to it. :( I used to have a best friend ( I don't know if we are REALLY bff).. when we went to college, everything seems so complicated. the communication was lost. I am always reaching out. but nothing happens. He's already forgotten me, I think so. I don't even have his number. I treasured him so much, and until now, everything was unclear. :(

  • Annie by Annie, Rolling Meadows
  • 13 years ago

Wow, this poem really struck me. I am in my 40's and had the best friend I could imagine. We were so close. She went through a divorce and I was there every step of the way. There was nothing I wouldn't do for her. We laughed, talked endlessly, cried and bonded in a way I never thought possible. Then she met a man. Forgot about me and all we had as friend. How does that happen? How do you turn your back on a true friend?

  • Manela Garcia by Manela Garcia
  • 13 years ago

I thought I was friends with someone as well... I guess people grow tired of each other. I do not. I thought we were the very best of friends. We were inseparable for two years. And now, we barely talk. I always randomly call or text her, and tell her things that have happened to me in the day or so. To be honest, I think she probably find me annoying now and does not want to hear a thing from me, not that she has demonstrated such thing. She is a year older than me and started going to college when I was a senior in high school. That didn't change things at all, and she had many boyfriends so that isn't the problem either. We were still best friends, and now... nothing. I go to college as well, and I'm really busy studying and all... and so is she with work and school. But she still has time for her boyfriend, and new friends. And never have told me to hang out, nor call me just to talk... It is literally like a lost friendship. Just thought I could share this here.

  • Whitney Crawford by Whitney Crawford
  • 13 years ago

I had a group of best friends at my old school, but now at my new school, every time I get close to a person, it lasts but 2 months and then they always move on. In a way, it helps me to remain friends with the people at my old school. Friends we can love like family when the friendship lasts. A broken friendship is very hard to except. I felt a connection when I read this poem. I've known one of my best friends since we were six (we're 12 now) so it's been nearly six years of growing up together. However, I've known my BEST friend only since I was nine. We have our ups and downs but I can state with confidence that I--as well as many with clinging friendships--am going through one of life's toughest situations to face. And even if you believe there isn't one simple key to happiness, friendships must be close enough. Even someone not very social needs someone to talk to and agree with, get in trouble with! If you put some thought into it, why are hermits considered abnormal?

  • Tori Wilson by Tori Wilson
  • 13 years ago

This just happened to me and my best friend. That's how I came upon this website. I didn't know there was lots of other people like me. Now in middle school its very hard. She doesn't even look at me. She will barely even talk to me. It hurts inside. I hate this it just keeps happening to me. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

  • Ophelia Flowers by Ophelia Flowers
  • 13 years ago

Friendships take care, but they are worth it.
It's hard to keep friends when you go your separate ways, but friendship is too valuable to lose.
I am having a friend over who I haven't seen in over six months, and I am going to stress to her that her friendship is meaningful to me even though I can't see her much.
Friends need to feel that they are important to you, and that you won't ignore them in favor of another friend. Friends need to feel that you care about their opinion and what they are doing in their lives. They may have told you the same story more than once, or have gone on and on about the same thing, but sometimes you are the only one they can trust enough to listen. Sometimes they can draw away from you just to see if you will care enough to ask them why they are unhappy.
Things happen, and friends can be lost, but there should be no guilt if you really tried to keep the friendship.

  • Jennie by Jennie
  • 13 years ago

I have a friend that I used to love but now I don't feel it. I don't know what went wrong but she changed as we went to different schools and now boys always comes first for her not me.

  • Yasmin..England by Yasmin..England
  • 13 years ago

This guy I called my friend, my bestfriend, the one I loved, so much, hurt me so much, lied to me, deleted me, killed me out off his life, now I want him back but I don't know what to do?

  • Ashley Johnson by Ashley Johnson
  • 14 years ago

I couldn't have found anything more exact to the way I am feeling currently. My best friend transferred schools two years ago, promising our friendship wouldn't change, but really it did. We hardly saw each other or talked, and its just gotten worse as time has gone by.
I have tried to get us to do things together but it seems like her "new" friends at the other school filled my shoes and our friendship is pretty much over now. It's very hard for me to accept...

  • Mary by Mary
  • 14 years ago

Wow. This reminds me of me and my ex-bestfriend. We were friends for almost 8 yrs, then she quit talking to me and im not sure what went wrong.

  • Albert by Albert
  • 14 years ago

Wow! That one is so true to me! My friend and I were the best of friends and now I can't even get a hold of him. I am a bit over the friendship (that's how badly I hurt) but all I want is closure...WHY did I have to lose my best friend? He's not dead, but I know nothing of him now. Its sad.

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