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We all have flaws. To error is to be human. In our error, let's remember we have the ability to be good and always try.

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Yes, Human. Yes, Love

© more by Sadwick

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2019 with permission of the Author.

In the face of many troubles,
Side by side we will stand.
It's not as though we crumble.
Instead, we gain to understand.

Learning life we see perspectives,
Others different and some the same.
We act in the moment to be reactive.
Emotions are wild or tame.

Love and hate we fight against.
Life and death we struggle with.
Gluttony and hunger we rage against.
War and peace we struggle with.

To be human is to struggle,
Finding love in the depression.
We are that individual
Striving for moral right or religion.

Act without reward or praise.
Do your best no matter the circumstance.
Go the extra mile without a raise.
Give your brother a second chance.

In doing this, you show love.
To love is what is valued among all,
So next time you look above,
Remember we sometimes fall.

Be encouraged in your weaknesses.
Some flaws are others strengths,
So let us give ourselves forgiveness,
For love has no length.


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